200 Members!

I’m proud to say that we have reached 200 members! This site is new and we’re still working to get great content up for our readers and members.

This site is all about communication. From both the providers, Stormborn Creative Collective, and our visitors. I have noticed a lack of commenting and worried that this might be a limitation created by WordPress or BuddyPress.

I’ve taken steps to ensure that all our readers, registered & logged in or not have, at least, the ability to read our content & to comment on posts & on pages that are set for commenting. I look forward to hearing your opinions & suggestions.

Thank you for joining us here on HouseStormborn.com

Remona Stormborn

Co-Owner of Gaia Foundation in the Great Canadian Grid. Owner of the Builders Resource Center, Rose City Design, & IDEA! in the Great Canadian Grid & InWorldz.

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