US Digital Spying Beat but Not Down


I received great news in an email from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that I’d like to share. If you are an American, do give your congressman a holler if you’d like to see this issue resolved now! If you live elsewhere, feel free to let some of our congressmen know that you are watching this issue and that it matters to you as well. Continue reading US Digital Spying Beat but Not Down

Labs 1st Post! Be careful what you say…

If you remember “groovy” “grouse” or “far out” you might be called old, but think about it – “cool” isn’t as recent as you think. First used in 1933, popularised (yes I’m not American, I spell proper ;p) by jazz artists and much later revived but evolved. Sayings or jargon varies from place to place, often strictly local. For example if you are told  “saunter” in Dublin you should leave – you’re being told to f*** off (saunter on mate). The Irish are even more fond of jargon and colloquialism than Cockneys and that’s saying a lot.

The Nature of Cyberspace

On Inworldz and Virtual Worlds in general communities are global so it’s not unusual to hear what seems nonsensical chat. Don’t be afraid to ask for explanations, it can lead to meeting more people. Send a private message and learn something.