Getting Started Making Skins

Here’s some resources for getting started making skins for virtual worlds. You can buy full perm skin psd files on the Second Life marketplace but the price is very high and the skins aren’t necessarily better than what you yourself can do by starting with these free skins and trying out the tutorials. Who wants skins everyone else is using anyway? Make your own! Have fun experimenting and testing them out. Uploads in InWorldz are free so have at it! Continue reading Getting Started Making Skins

How I Discovered Virtual Love

This is the first article in a series from three ladies who have avatars in several worlds. We’re strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla yet we’ve all had to work out some of the same things in our virtual love lives.

Every ‘Hump Day’ we’re gonna post an article telling you the low-down, straight-up, no bull truth of our many sordid affairs, searches for love, and heart wrenching break ups along with our insights into what makes virtual love so darn irresistible! You’ll hear from several ladies, each with their own take on this passionate subject. Today’s topic, is, naturally, how I first discovered virtual love and came to realize it’s potentials (for disaster?) Huni and lush will tell their stories on the next two hump days. So, get over the hump with me, Huni, lush, and the occasional brave guest, here at HouseStormborn! Continue reading How I Discovered Virtual Love



Hi everyone!

So if you have seen me around in inworldz you know that I am a very social lady. If I am not working on a new outfit or look I am either helping someone with theirs or showing them the loops of IW.

You may also see me building or attempting to build whatever it is at the time. I tend to have a habit of multitasking and multi-focusing on things which I am trying to train myself to just focus on one area/build at a time. I guess I do this because I don’t want to forget an awesome idea I had while working on one thing.

I recently started working on skyboxes. Why? Because I have seen some simple ones and not saying simple isn’t nice but because I like to be different and unique I decided to take a try at it. I also decided to work on them in the sandbox sims because you tend to meet new people and its nice to have a large workstation and no accidents of picking up other objects. Continue reading Insights!

A Simple Sword Tutorial Beginner-Intermediate Self paced

Hi, I’m martin glom and I recently got asked to publish some tutorials by Remona for the House Stormborn website here i hope is the first of many enjoy thanks again Remona.

The best thing to do is to rez any prims you need out before you start this will make it faster so rez one cylinder and 3 Spheres to the ground and now were ready to start.

**Ok so here goes** Continue reading A Simple Sword Tutorial Beginner-Intermediate Self paced

For All You Horse Lovers Out There!

oYo Breedables Site
I just came across a very beautifully done blog on the well known oYo breedable horses. Their gorgeous site highlights what an amateur I am at this wordpress thang but, in all fairness, I’ll keep my whimpering to myself and give you all the heads up. Do visit oYo Breedables for a wonderful read about the breedable horses, Cats, & DoDos that oYo offers.

You’ll find information about their latest offerings, exquisitely photographed animals and events, as well as good chit-chat on what’s up in the world of breedable animals. It’s a site to bookmark and visit often if you are into breedables or just love a good read!

200 Members!

I’m proud to say that we have reached 200 members! This site is new and we’re still working to get great content up for our readers and members.

This site is all about communication. From both the providers, Stormborn Creative Collective, and our visitors. I have noticed a lack of commenting and worried that this might be a limitation created by WordPress or BuddyPress.

I’ve taken steps to ensure that all our readers, registered & logged in or not have, at least, the ability to read our content & to comment on posts & on pages that are set for commenting. I look forward to hearing your opinions & suggestions.

Thank you for joining us here on

Street Newspapers

Blue Moon

I had an interesting evening tonight and thought I’d share it. My neighborhood is a great ‘walking district’, full of restaurants, shops, & bars, many with outdoor seating along the public sidewalks. Out on my daily stroll (my way to avoid ‘computer arse spread’) I stopped at one of the trendy restaurants, the Blue Moon, to have a nice dinner in the breezy late spring evening air. A Mambo Cubano (Cuban-style pressed sandwich with smoked pork loin, chili-coffee pork carnitas, Swiss cheese & dill pickle) grilled sandwich & barbeque sweet potato fries accompanied by an Edgefield Alexander (brandy, coffee liquers, & cream on ice). Continue reading Street Newspapers