Selling Yourself: IW Forum

Sell Yourself

Looking for great suggestions on how to better market your creations? Amaranthim Talon started a great forum topic, Selling Yourself, in 2010 that’s still going strong. Be sure to read it for great tips on how to increase your sales. When you come across new marketing ideas and resources be sure to add to the tips on this helpful forum topic.

And here’s the link to the archived sl forum topic: Advice on Sales!!. Although you can’t post on it anymore you will find some good tips there as well. There’s also a current but short SL forum on Marketing Strategies? that has some interesting marketing strategies.

Make Your Own Floor Plan

Floor Plan Thumbnail

Small Blue Printer’s Floor Planner and 3D Floor Planner are for making your own floor plans to use as guides for your builds. It’s free and easy to use. Just drag and drop various items to your ‘graph paper’ grid and draw walls where you need them.

These are user-friendly intuitive programs that takes very little time to figure out. Try them out to draw your own custom home, shop or other architectural floor plan. Once done you can save it as a .gml or, in the preview tab, as a .jpg or .png image. Apply the completed plan to a prim for inworld building or import it as a background image in Blender to create a mesh version of your custom building.

Art of Text Conversation

Because we can’t actually see each other when we speak, it’s crucial how we express ourselves in text. We can’t hear tone of voice, see body language and expressions. Everything we type is taken literally. Jokes can’t be understood thru laughter. Sarcasm by way of smurky expressions and a snide tone. Questions via raised eyebrows and raised pitch at the end of a sentence.

So how do we manage to get along so well with all this potential for misunderstanding? How do we get to know people better despite these limitations? Continue reading Art of Text Conversation

How I Discovered Virtual Love

This is the second article in a series from three ladies who have avatars in several worlds. We’re strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla yet we’ve all had to work out some of the same things in our virtual love lives.

Every ‘Hump Day’ we’re gonna post an article telling you the low-down, straight-up, no bull truth of our affairs, searches for love, and heart wrenching break-ups along with our insights into what makes virtual love so darn irresistible! You’ll hear from several ladies, each with their own take on this passionate subject. Today Lush will tell how she first discovered virtual love and came to realize it’s potentials (for disaster?) Continue reading How I Discovered Virtual Love