Art Inspiration

Vector color illustration of paintbrushes and a palette with basic colors.

I find that checking out online art gets my creative juices flowing. Sort of like stretching before working out, it gets my mind to that special creative place. Plus, it gives me bits and pieces of ideas that can make my creations better. Here’s some great websites for exploring art online. Check them out next time you need to get your brain working on your next big creation. Continue reading Art Inspiration

Read My Avatar!

No longer do we need to read palms or ask what astrological signs people are! There’s a great new way to discern the qualities of the new people we meet. NPR reports in an article, Your Online Avatar May Reveal More About You Than You’d Think, the results of several studies that looked at what our avatars say about us. Read up and find out how you can make more friends or improve what others think about you by changing your avatar’s appearance! Continue reading Read My Avatar!