Signs of Change

Being a 3D builder and geeky gal, I tend to run out of food on occasion purely out of neglect of things real. In fear of starvation, I made a run to the local grocery store where, even there, I can’t let my geeky brain curiosity rest. So, while waiting in line to pay, I perused National Geographic finding a most interesting article on the latest find of ancient human remains, "This Face Changes the Human Story. But How?". It sounded intriguing so I made sure to check online for the full article as soon as I got home. Continue reading Signs of Change

Become a Forum Posting Pro!

phpBB Code Image

Ever wonder how to get images into your forum posts? And what about links? Bold, italicized, colored, and big text? Smilies? This is all very easy with forums using BBCode, a variant of html.

Check out the BBCode Guide provided by the phpBB Community for clear and simple instructions on how to achieve any kind of fancy smancy effects in your forum posts. You’ll be high-styling it in no time!

Uploading Mesh, LoD, & Land Impact

Loki – Digital Mischief Maker has a series of three tutorials on uploading mesh, land impact, and level of detail. They’re the best non-technical full explanations of everything you need to know to create and upload quality low impact mesh objects. Regardless of what program you use to create your mesh, this tutorial is a MUST READ for all new mesh creators. Continue reading Uploading Mesh, LoD, & Land Impact