Thoughts on the Health of InWorldz

I’ve recently been asked to explain why it is that I have, for the most part, left InWorldz for another grid. Don’t get me wrong, I love InWorldz, but there are some very important things I feel that are not doing as well as they could. I hesitate to publish this because I don’t want to put IW down. The staff and community has accomplished a lot and they deserve respect and thanks for their hard work.

InWorldz is an online community that is at a crucial point in their growth where they need to take a long hard look at the vision of what their community is. I think I have some insight that some may find useful. While I am not a sociologist or professional, I have spent years in real working as an organizer for nonprofits at the grassroots level in my community. I understand people and groups, how they interact and the small things that make a community work or not work. However, this is still my personal opinion so please take it as such. Continue reading Thoughts on the Health of InWorldz