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Builders Resource Center
Products & resources for creators: mesh, sculpts, doors, windows, stairs, roofs, textures, tutorials, trees, columns, walls, fences, outdoor structures, tools, & lots more.

“Raising the Standard”
Amazing textures, doors, & more for all your creative building needs.

Rose City Design
Your shopping mecca for Mid-Century Vintage and Contemporary Urban home furnishings & decor.

Colorful Checked Fabric Textures

BRC Tiling Check Fabric Vendor Pic 512

30 Colorful Tiling Checked Fabric Textures

Each in 3 resolutions
Full Permission

Add color to your home, patio, or recreational space with these colorful fabrics! Mix and match or pair up with similar solids, stripes, or polka dots for exciting and inviting rooms and outdoor spaces.

Or, use them on your button up shirts, skirts, and other trendy clothing.

A fun set of fabric textures that will bring pizzazz to all your designs!

Visit the Builders Resource Center on Wolf Creek in the Great Canadian Grid or
on Moon Island in InWorldz to pick up your dirt cheap, top quality building supplies today.

Gaia Foundation Land Rentals

Gaia Foundation Logo

Come join this crazy-fun neighborhood on your own full region on the Great Canadian Grid. Looking for fun, adventure, & friends? This is the place for you.

Live your fantasy in a friendly connected community. Explore our points of interest & nearby small town shopping districts. Everything you need is just a hop, skip, or jump away!

  • Super low prices & discount offers
  • Full regions interspersed with scenics for low lag & beautiful surroundings
  • Full ownership & control of your land & terrain
  • Nearby small town & country shopping districts
  • Friendly owners/managers to assist you
  • Fun points of interest & beautiful settings

Build your dream home or chat to us about what your fantasy lifestyle is….

Rental Sims
Gaia Foundation Covenant
How to Rent
Contact Information

Visit Atlantis on the Great Canadian Grid to find out more!

Rental Sims

Valyria Available
Valyria: Quarter sims Available
Owner: Labyrinth Stormborn

sim Daedalus Rented Sign
Daedalus: Rented
Owner: Labyrinth Stormborn

Labyrinth Sign Rented
Labyrinth: Rented
Owner: Labyrinth Stormborn

Pern: Rented
Owner: Labyrinth Stormborn

Helion Prime: Shops Available – Contact Owner
Owner: Remona Stormborn

District 13 Rented Sign
District 13: Rented
Owner: Labyrinth Stormborn

Caprica - Rented
Caprica: Rented
Owner: Remona Stormborn

Cair Paravel
Cair Paravel: Possibly Available – Please Contact if Interested
Owner: Remona Stormborn

Moonrun Rented Sign
Moonrun: Rented
Owner: Remona Stormborn

Underwater Rented Sign
Underwater: Rented
Owner: Remona Stormborn

Jhala Rented Sign
Jhala: Rented
Owner: Remona Stormborn

Valdun Rented Sign
Valdun: Rented
Owner: Remona Stormborn

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Gaia Foundation Covenant

Welcome to Gaia Foundation

If you use land here please respect the rights of others:

Residential rentals on 1/4 regions are for your homes and leisure activities. Please contact us about how to rent a commercial area if you need one.
Why? Tons of shop vendors and scripts can cause lag if too close to private regions. For this reason we keep buffers of scenics between regions and keep commercial areas separate.

To ensure that explorers can travel throughout Gaia Foundation, please leave Object Entry on at all times. Security devices that prevent or eject visitors are not allowed.
Why? We encourage visitors and residents to explore and find adventures here and on the connected sims.

Please respect your neighbors by not entering private residences uninvited either with your avatar or your camera.
Why? Cuz it’s just good manners darn it!

Do not rezz platforms, skyboxes or other items that do not realistically fit within the theme of your rented land below 3000 meters.
Why? Cuz they’re ugly and who wants that? Plus, they cast shadows on the land below when using higher graphic settings.
This can be mitigated by setting platforms to 12% transparency, but remember everything on still casts shadows.

Do not sublet without prior permission.
Why? Our super low prices are for the enjoyment of our community members and not for profiteering. If we wanted our sims to be for profiteering we’d do it ourselves. But, that’s not the way we rock and roll. You can buy land directly from GCG if you’d like to rent land to other residents.

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Our Prices

Full Sims, 15000 prims:
1400 Maples a week
$18.00 USD a month via PayPal
$45 USD for 3 months via PayPal (save $3 a month)
$72 USD for 6 months via PayPal (save $6 a month)

Shops and commercial parcels:
512sqm, 32m x 16m, 30prims, 15 Maples a week
1024sqm, 32m x 32m, 225prims, 25 Maples a week
2048sqm, 64m x 32m, 450prims, 50 Maples a week
4096sqm, 64m x 64m, 900prims, 100 Maples a week
8192sqm, 128m x 64m, 1800prims, 200 Maples a week
quarter sim, 128m x 128m, 3700prims, 400 Maples a week
All figures approximate.

Additional Scenic Rentals:
Can add connected scenics $5.00 USD a month via PayPal

Renaming and moving:
Rename 1x Fee $10 USD
Move 1x Fee $10 USD

Other deals negotiated per request
Barter also accepted

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How to Rent

NOTE: You are renting from the land owners, not GCG.

1) Head on over to Atlantis on the Great Canadian Grid and join the Gaia Foundation group by clicking on the sign and choosing ‘Group’

2) While there, use our map teleporter or get a copy of our teleporter HUD located. Touch sims on the map to teleport to them.


Explore our land via the World Map. Sims for rent will show up yellow if you tick the ‘Land Sale’ box.

3) Once you find the rental that you want, go to the About Land window (right click on the land and choose ‘About Land’) and, in the General tab, purchase the land.

4) Locate the rental box (center of sims at about 128, 128, 22) and pay the rent.

If renting a quarter sim be sure to pay the correct rental box.

Alternatively, you have the option to rent via PayPal on a monthly basis for a discounted price. Contact us for more details on how to do that. Please then IM or send an email to let me know that you’ve made a PayPal payment.

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Contact Information

For Assistance, Support, or Questions Contact:

Owner Managers:
Remona Stormborn, Great Canadian Grid
Labyrinth Stormborn, Great Canadian Grid

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Gaia Foundation

Gaia Foundation is our umbrella group for the many activities we’re involved in on our sims on the Great Canadian Grid. You can live, shop, work, or explore on our over 2 dozen sims in addition to the connected continent of Bridgemere which makes GCG one of the best places for finding fun and adventure. Here’s some of the things we’re into at Gaia Foundation:

Land rentals

Rent full or quarter sims for residential and building use
Rent shops for your business
Chat with myself (Remona Stormborn) or my biz partner and virtual daughter, Labyrinth Stormborn about what your land needs are and we’ll see if we can work something out.

World: Great Canadian Grid
Region: Atlantis

Foundation Textures and Doors

Beautifully crafted textures and doors by Labyrinth Stormborn. Her texture sets beat even my low prices so I think it’s safe to say that you can’t beat either her quality craftsmanship or her prices!

World: Great Canadian Grid
Region: Foundation

Builders Resource Center

Mesh building objects are very much preferable to sculpts for many reasons. One is the ability to have up to 8 textures. Another is that mesh, created correctly, is less laggy than prims or sculpts. Plus, well made mesh takes textures without the stretching and deformation you frequently find in sculpts.

At the Builders Resource Center we offer low-poly mesh building items with custom physics models, custom LoD settings depending on the use of the item, & custom texture unwrapping. All our mesh items are created by me, specifically for use in virtual worlds.

The BRC also offers textures and texture collections at unbeatable prices! You’ll find both the basics and interesting custom textures for unique creations. Most textures come in a variety of resolutions allowing you to choose the smallest resolution (to decrease lag) that your items require to look great.

You can also find plenty of other resources such as sounds, information, and even some scripts that you may find helpful. Come on by and explore our offerings. If you can’t find what you need, be sure to give me a holler and I’ll see if I can help you out.

World: Great Canadian Grid
Region: Wolf Creek

World: InWorldz
Region: Moon Island

Stormborn Architecture

Beautifully detailed mesh buildings and structures for your home, business, or garden. Low-poly (read: low-lag) mesh with custom physics models (read: walking on surfaces is ideal) & unwrapping (read: easy texturing) created by me, specifically for use in virtual worlds. You won’t find these buildings anywhere else. These buildings are not only low prim counts but lower the stress on sim servers, increase visibility for visitors, and are easier to customize than the typical prim or sculpt & prim builds.

World: Great Canadian Grid
Region: Caprica

World: InWorldz
Region: Moon Island


High style furnishings and accessories for your home, office, or shop inspired by IKEA. You’ll also find a Podex ATM near the front door for your convenience. Come on by and give us a look!

World: Great Canadian Grid
Region: Helion Prime

World: InWorldz
Region: Moon Island

Rose City Design

Just about anything else I come up with that doesn’t fit in any of my other shops. Some clothes, gifts, and avatar items as well as whatever I think you all might like to check out.

World: Great Canadian Grid
Region: Helion Prime

World: InWorldz
Region: Moon Island