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Hypergrid Business came out with an article on the 28th, Littlefield amps up content protection, which speaks about an interesting new twist on content protection on hypergrids. Additionally, it mentions a few copybot abilities I was not even aware existed. If you create high end content that you want to use but protect on the hypergrid, this article is well worth the read. I’ll be watching Littlefield closely to see how their new protection scheme works out.

I’m an adherent of the view that the best way to keep earning is to keep creating new content but, now that I’m on the hypergrid I do worry that my content will be stolen and distributed faster than I can keep up with. If my work loses the ability to support my activities inworlds, I may very well stop making any new content at all except for my own use. However, that hasn’t yet been the case but it’s better to be careful and to look for creative ways to better protect my creations.

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