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Frequently we need avatars for our social networking sites, forums, and the like. Try creating one with a personal touch with one of these fun applications.

Redhead Peanut Avatar

I loved this online app. The resulting avatars are adorable and well done.

Hipster Avatar Resized
Hipster Girl & Hipster Boy Dress up
Very adorable online apps. I particularly like this avatar – it’s ever so Portland, Oregon hipster!

eLouai Dollmakers
Online apps with a LOT of options and various starting points. The first one I made wouldn’t save. Tried another and it went fine.

An online application for making an animated android avatar. Here’s one of my best friend in rl. She’s a bit of a nutty artist =D~`,

Lego Avatar ResizedBlockheadBlockhead 2
Reasonably Clever Lego Avatars
Click the Mini-Mizer menu item for a choice of online apps for creating Lego avatars or blockheads. You’ll need to screenshot it and crop the image you want to use.

FaceYourManga 1
Face Your Manga
Interesting. Had to give my email to get the avatar image and it was only 180×180. Another option was given, I assume larger, but it was for a charge of $2.10.

Fairly conventional faces if that’s what you are looking for. Limited options but I didn’t bother to register and it mentioned that, if you do, it offers more features. Had to give my email to get it sent rather than being able to download it.

Doppel Me!
Limited and buggy online app. Not that much personality to the basic avatar but worth playing with if you are looking for something simple.

Emoji Mosaic Avatar Resized
Emoji Mosaic
An online app that creates a complex mosaic from an image you upload. I used the PeanutizeMe avatar to create this one. The resulting image appears on the page below the simple interface. Just right click and save the image. It’s a lot larger and more complex than the version I show here. Might make better avatars out of something more closeup in the first place. With the shot I used, full size figure, the detail isn’t closeup enough in the resulting thumbnail to really appreciate the artistic quality of this image manipulator.

Moonjee AlienMe Resized & Cropped
An online photo manipulation app. Interesting effects available. I didn’t come up with anything satisfactory but I had an image that was hard to work with. It saves with their logo at the bottom but, with some cropping that’s easy to fix. Here’s me as an alien as downloaded (left) & cropped (right).

Another photo manipulator. Click the ‘Morphases’ button to upload an image or ‘Have Fun’ to grab a webcam shot. A little buggy to work with. Maybe good to do some ez-pz photoshopping of your image if, say for example, you think your nose is too big or something. I gave up on it myself but, personally, I like my nose.

avatar_character Resized
Avatarize Yourself
Online app that requires you to upload a pic of yourself with even lighting, facing forward, no hat or hair over your face, and I presume no eyeglasses. Creates an avatar similar to the avatars on the movie Avatar. Was fuzzy, looked pasted around eyes, and I could see no hint of it having actually took anything from my uploaded photo. Use the Share button to get the download option.

3DMyself Resized
3D Myself
Not really for creating an avatar so much as a likeness of your real self. It is, apparently, targeted toward people wanting to loose weight. You create an image that looks similar to you. There’s not a lot of options and the avatar is full view with only underwear on but, like I said, it’s interesting. You could possibly use it to get a simple, more avatarish image for uploading to the image manipulators?

More interesting looking than it sounds. Requires a download. I was too lazy to try it out but it was cool enough looking that I’ll probably do it later. If I do, I’ll add my creation to this post!

A downloadable app for creating cartoon avatars.

Portrait Illustration Maker
Downloadable app. Requires a link to their site when used which I’m not interested in doing myself. More or less distracts from something so small in the first place.

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