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Computer Graphics & Virtual World News

Offsite: Hypergrid Business

Offsite: Blender Art Magazine

Offsite: SingularityHUB

Nerd News Podcasts

Virtual Reality: Voices of VR Podcast

Podcasts: Wikipedia: List of podcatchers

Podcasts: VLC Player
“There’s a good chance you already use VLC to watch videos and maybe even play music. But did you know that VLC has an integrated podcast-subscribing feature, among its other many hidden features?
To access this feature, open VLC, click the View menu, and select Playlist. Click the Internet dropdown menu, hover over Podcasts, and click the + button. You’ll be able to subscribe to a podcast by copy-pasting its URL into the window. You can now double-click an episode in the right pane to play it.
VLC isn’t the most user-friendly option for listening to podcasts — there’s no integrated search feature and VLC can’t automatically download new episodes so they’re cached offline. VLC just streams the episodes when you start playing them. Still, if you’re looking for something lightweight and don’t mind the limitations, this is a very good option — especially considering you probably already have VLC installed.”
–Make Use Of

Podcasts: Make Use Of: What Is the Best Podcast Manager For Windows?

Podcasts: Tom’s Guide: Top 10 Podcast Apps
Here is a collection of our favorite podcasting apps for iOS and Android devices.

Tech: BuzzFeed
BuzzFeed editors Ryan Broderick and Katie Notopoulos explore the weirdest corners of the internet, so you don’t have to.

What’s Tech?
Described as a podcast you should send to your parents (or grandparents), The Verge’s Chris Plante forces his co-workers to distill concepts and major players from the world of technology down to the most essential parts. The result is a brief — under 25 minutes — but entertaining explanation of everything from Uber to internet memes to emoji. And even if you know what these things are, chances are you’ll have a better, more clear understanding of what these are, where they come from, and why they matter.

Freakonomics authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner examine anything and everything with their signature critical eye and insight. From the economics of sleep, the mechanics of suspense, what we can learn from competitive eating, and more, Freakonomics Radio challenges listeners to think like freaks about their lives and the world around them.

Science: NPR’s Radiolab
Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.

Nerd-Culture: Nerdist
With daily news, hilarious videos and reviews of the latest games, movies and comics, join Nerdist’s team of Jessica Chobot, Rachel Heine, Dan Casey, Malik Forté, Kyle Hill, Alicia Lutes, and Matt Grosinger as they explore the nerd fabric of today’s pop-culture landscape.

Nerd-Culture: Nerdy Show
Podcasts for all nerds across the multiverse. Whatever it is you nerd out about – comics, video games, sci-tech, roleplaying, movies, and beyond – we’ve got something for you!

Tech: Internet History Podcast
Brian McCullough’s Internet History Podcast deals with the history of all things Internet-ish starting with Netscape and ending with the iPad. So, it’s not all Internet history, it’s just this particular era of what happened online between two points (so, yes, there’s a lot of AOL and Prodigy in here).

Tech: Re/Code Decode
Hosted by tech journalist Kara Swisher, Re/code Decode consists of regular interviews of tech industry veterans, emerging entrepreneurs, business leaders and new media darlings. Covering everything from the latest industry developments, Valley gossip, big idea pieces, and new, unusual, and interesting products, Re/code Decode is simultaneously incisive and irreverent and a regular insider look at the tech industry’s glitterati.

Nerd-Culture: Hello Internet
C.G.P. Grey and Brady Haran discuss all sorts of things. These guys are both professional YouTube video creators. While the show isn’t about YouTube (it’s more about their particular passions—Haran’s interest in plane crashes, Grey’s opinions about education and robots and Kindle typography, the one time Haran ended up with a barn owl in his house, and so on), it’s a smart, funny conversation between two people who happen to inhabit a part of the Internet that’s pretty special.

Tech: Reply All
Reply All is a show about the internet, hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman.

Tech: Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky
Former Bloomberg editorial director and technology critic Joshua Topolsky complains loudly and concerns himself with matters of digital culture, technology, entertainment and media.

Games: The Giant Bombcast
Anchored by longtime games media veterans Jeff Gerstmann and Brad Shoemaker, whose command of gaming history tends to manifest in their analysis the news and new releases of the day with longer view, backward and forward.

Film: The Canon
Film critics Devin Faraci (BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH.) and Amy Nicholson (MTV News) have a weekly conversation about a movie– is it “canon” or not? They will put it up to fan vote at the end of the show and then the legacy of each film will be officially decided forevermore.

Nerd-Culture: Oh No, Ross and Carrie!
An investigative podcast, exploring fringe science, spirituality, and the paranormal (…so you don’t have to). If you ever wondered what’s up with reiki or whether dowsing might work, this is the podcast for you.

Nerd-Culture: LaserTime
Games, movies, nerdy pop-culture.

Radio Journalism: HowSound
In HowSound, Rob Rosenthal explores and explains the production process for various bits of radio journalism. Sometimes this means talking about journalistic ethics, other times it’s literally about how to make an audio recording or edit a story in a way that makes sense. As a public radio nerd myself, this is a fascinating look into how radio stories get made.

Nerd-Culture: Fangirl Happy Hour
This one only started a few weeks ago, but it’s a must-listen if you’re in need of reliable media recommendations. Co-hosted by Renay from Ladybusiness and Ana from the hugely popular Book Smugglers book review blog, this podcast combines fandom-related debate/criticism with a whole slew of recommendations for upcoming TV shows, comics, books, and movies. Fangirl Happy Hour is especially good if you’re looking for books and movies with diverse protagonists or creators.

Trivia: Good Job Brain
Pub trivia, breakfast cereal, portmanteau words, and animal facts! We here are nuts about trivia. And we know there are people out there who share our unusual obsession.

Trivia: How Stuff Works Podcasts:
FW: Thinking
Stuff You Should Know
Stuff of Genius
Brain Stuff
Stuff Mom Never Told You
Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know
Stuff To Blow Your Mind
See bottom of page for more topics from How Stuff Works.

Game of Thrones: Game of Owns
The ultimate Game of Thrones podcast. The show is divided between TV recaps and analysis (when GoT is on air) and conversations about the books (during the off season), but don’t be too intimidated by their obsessive attention to detail. Two of the hosts are experienced A Song of Ice and Fire readers while the other two have never read the books before, making for an accessible balance of opinions. After more than 250 episodes they still have something to talk about, which is impressive in itself.

The Walking Dead: The Walking Deadcast
Okay, another TV podcast, but this one often has actual stars of the TV show on it. The Walking Deadcast is exactly what you’d expect: recap, analysis, and general celebration of the show. Hosts Jason Cabassi and Karen Koppett are true Walking Dead nerds, who keep you posted on all the Walking Dead news you need to know.

Music: Song Exploder
Hrishikesh Hirway talks to musicians about how they made particular songs. Sometimes the discussion is about the recording process itself (how the layering of tracks makes up a groove, for instance, or how specific recording techniques made a certain sound); other times, it’s about the songwriting process (as in the frenetic, funny episode with Hutch Harris of The Thermals).

Science: The Story Collider
The Story Collider was founded in 2010 by Ben Lillie and Brian Wecht, two physicists who met at a storytelling show in Queens and quickly realized that they could do that too. Since then, The Story Collider has been bringing true, personal stories about science to life both through our many live shows as well as our weekly podcast, and we’ve used what we’ve learned about science and stories to teach scientists to use narrative in our university and corporate workshop program.

Video: Not Too Deep
There’s a ton of great stuff to watch on YouTube if you know where to look. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many reliable resources for figuring that out. Enter YouTube-famous comedian Grace Helbig and her podcast, Not Too Deep. Though the podcast is “unapologetically superficial,” her weekly interviews highlight exceptional YouTube creators give the occasional peek behind the curtain of making digital video. It may not be as explicitly educational as what the Longform podcast, but Not Too Big will introduce you to much wider range of video than simply watching whatever your friends recommend.

Science: Star Talk Radio Show by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Nerd-Culture: Black Girl Nerds

Nerd-Culture: For Colored Nerds

57 Black-Hosted Podcasts You Should Probably Listen To

General Creation

Offsite: InWorldz Wiki

Offsite: virtualchristine´s Second Life/OpenSim Glossary

Offsite: InWorldz Forum Topic – Free Resources for Creators

Offsite: Builder’s Helper: Tutorials by Armix Portal on Wings 3D, Blender, Sketchup, Gimp, qAvimator, and Audacity. Visit Armix Portal’s YouTube channel as well.

Offsite: Torley Linden’s YouTube channel.

InWorld Prim Creation

House Stormborn: What Size Should I Make My Doors?

House Stormborn: A Simple Sword Tutorial by Martin Glom

Offsite: Chic Aeon’s prim building tutorial list

2 D Creation

Offsite: Rastor vs vector


Offsite: Gimp

Offsite: Gimp website for downloads and resources

Offsite: Gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program User Manual
In 16 languages!

Offsite: Gimp Tutorials

HouseStormborn: Making Alphas For Virtual Worlds

HouseStormborn: Fixing Profile Picture

HouseStormborn: How to make a cardboard cutout of yourself

Offsite: Photoshop vs Gimp Video

Offsite: Gimp PDF Tutorials

Offsite: Gimp Tricks YouTube Channel

Offsite: 25 Gimp Text Effect Videos YouTube Playlist

Offsite: Gimp Tutorials YouTube Channel

Offsite: Gimp & PhotoShop Tutorialz! YouTube Channel

Offsite: tutor4u Gimp YouTube Playlist

Offsite: Gimp Layer Modes YouTube Video
Layer modes are very useful, in particular for using clothing templates, ao maps, and more to create shading and textural effects. Get to know them and they’ll make you a 2D graphic pro.

Offsite: Gimp Know How YouTube Channel

Offsite: HowTech YouTube Channel
Gimp, Photoshop, Inkscape, & other 2D graphic program tutorials. Also 11 videos on image formats.

Offsite: Davies Media Design Gimp YouTube Playlist

Offsite: Dombowerphoto Gimp YouTube Playlist

Offsite: WildAcademy Gimp YouTube Playlist

Offsite: DavidWoodFX Gimp YouTube Playlist

Offsite: PhotoAdvanced YouTube Playlists


Offsite: G’MIC

Texture & Image Resources

HouseStormborn: Builders Resource Center
Classes, products & resources for creators: mesh, sculpts, doors, windows, stairs, roofs, textures, tutorials, trees, columns, wall, fences, outdoor structures, tools, & more.

Offsite: CG Textures
Note: CG Graphics does not allow their textures to be uploaded to Second Life because SL/LL has claimed ownership of all content uploaded to and used in their virtual world. I assume the same goes for any world with the same or similar policy.

Offsite: Public Domain Vintage Art

Offsite: Public Domain Images

Offsite: Google Art Project

Offsite: NASA images and videos
Use the ‘Galleries’ menu item to locate images and videos

Offsite: Wikipedia Commons
Links to public domain images sources

Offsite: Mayang’s Textures

Offsite: CGStudio
Textures for 3d modeling for sale (sell yours!)

Animated Gifs to Texture Animations

Offsite: Outworldz

Fractal Art

Offsite: Amazing Seattle Fractals
Lists of fractal software for Windows and Mac

Project Dogwaffle

Offsite: Project Dogwaffle 1.2
Free drawing program with fractal brushes that are great for plants, landscaping, & other natural organic art.

System Clothes, Tattoo, & Makeup Creation

HouseStormborn: Sakari Inua asks Where to Get Started Making Clothes

HouseStormborn: Getting Started Making Skins

Offsite: Fashion InfoGraphics

Other 2D Texture Resources

Offsite: CrazyBump
Create normal/bump maps. Costly but some people swear by it however, I think there’s good alternative methods.

Offsite: NormalMap-Online
Make texture maps free online
Benski’s YouTube instructions

3 D Creation

Computer Graphics Communities

Offsite: CGCookie

Offsite: CGSociety

3D Models

3D Warehouse
Sketchup 3-D models

Great Buildings
Downloadable 3-D models

Get Blender

Offsite: Download Blender

Offsite: Dark Blender
An alternative version customized for game asset creation. I haven’t tried it yet. If you do, please let us know how it worked for you in the comments below?

Offsite: Blender Add-ons Catalog

Blender Guides

Offsite: Blender Wiki

Offsite: Blender Reference Manual

Offsite: WikiBook: Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

Offsite: Making A Dress In Blender Walk Through by Manwa Pastorelli

Blender Communities

Offsite: Blender Cookie
Great Blender tutorials and training

Offsite: BlenderGuru

Offsite: BlenderNation
Fresh Blender News, Every Day

Offsite: Blender Artists

Offsite: Blender Newbies

Offsite: Blender-Aid
This site consists of some basic Blender related stuff

Offsite: BlendSwap
Blend Swap is a community of passionate Blender artists who share their work under creative commons licenses.
Blend Swap’s mission is to create a place where Blender powered 3D Artists can share, exchange, collaborate and learn from other artists in the community. We strive to showcase and advance the individual artist with staff picks, featured monthly artist and collaborations with some of the top Blender sites to showcase the artist’s work.

Blender Tutorials

Offsite: Aine’s Opensim Blog Blender Tutorial List

Offsite: Chic Aeon’s Blender tutorial list

Offsite: Hpergrid Business: Maria’s World: Quick Mesh Rigging How-to

Offsite: Blender e-Books from on PacktPublishing
You can find many Blender eBooks here for $5. Be sure they are for a current version of Blender. V2.7+ is best, v2.59+ is ok, under v2.59 is out of date. When the version isn’t shown, generally speaking, 2013+ publishing date is usually good.

Offsite: Blender Newbies

Offsite: Blender Basics Course by CGCookie

Offsite: BT Blendtuts

HouseStormborn: Getting Started With Blender For Virtual Worlds

HouseStormborn: Uploading Mesh, LoD, & Land Impact

Offsite: Materials In Second Life Series

Blender YouTube Channels

Offsite: Virtual Content Creation Feed

Offsite: BlenderForNoobs

Offsite: Blender Cookie

Offsite: Blender Sensei

Offsite: Andrew Price of BlenderGuru

Offsite: tutor4u Blender YouTube Playlist

Offsite: tutor4u Blender Animation YouTube Playlist

Offsite: YadNi Monde

Offsite: Medhue

Offsite: BlenderChoczy’s channel

Offsite: CG Masters

Offsite: Addicted to CG

Offsite: Mike Hornett

Offsite: GA Artist

Offsite: VscorpianC

Offsite: RobinWoodEnt

Offsite: Second Life Sculptie Tutorials

Offsite: Gaia Clary

Offsite: BornCG

Offsite: Kenan Proffitt

Offsite: CG Geek

Offsite: linuxdaemon1372

Offsite: Darrin Lile

Offsite: tutor4u

Offsite: Rob Tuytel BlenderPedia

Offsite: Software Tutorials: Blender Playlist

Offsite: Sardi Pax

Offsite: The CGBros

Offsite: paul caggegi

Offsite: Blender HD

Offsite: PartnersInCrimeGFX

Offsite: BlenderDiplom

Offsite: TuToMaster007

Offsite: David McSween

Offsite: CyborG Gg

Offsite: SyntheticBajoran

Offsite: Alimayo Arango

Offsite: Gleb Alexandrov

Offsite: DragonChannel101

Offsite: Smess Videos ²

Offsite: Ray Mairlot

Offsite: CGAstym

Offsite: RootOfEvilStudios

Offsite: Daniel Brown CGI

Offsite: 3D escape

Blender Add-ons

Offsite: Machinimatrix
Avastar, Primstar, & more Blender Add-ons ($)

Offsite: Gaia Clary’s YouTube Channel
Blender, Avastar, Primstar, & related tutorials

Offsite: Blender’s script libary

Offsite: Blender Nation

Offsite: Blender Add-on List

Offsite: Blender Search on GitHub

Blender Projects

Offsite: KatsBits

HouseStormborn: Blender Mesh table Cloth Self Paced by Martin Glom

Offsite: Texturising Terrain in Blender by john on Sun

Offsite: Making a Mesh Dress for InWordz

Offsite: Rendering & Baking In Blender With cycles

Offsite: Animal Skin On A Pole Tutorial
YouTube tutorial by Manwa Pastorelli


Offsite: YouTube Channel by Logan Stargazer

HouseStormborn: Tearing apart a SU Warehouse model and texturing for Inworldz

HouseStormborn: Mesh Text With Sketchup

HouseStormborn: Making a 3D object from a texture

HouseStormborn: Cloning With Sketchup

Offsite: Wild Academy Learn Sketchup in 1 Day Playlist

Rokuro & Tokoroten (Mesh & Sculpts)

HouseStormborn: Rokuro & Tokoroten Mesh & Sculpt Tutorials

HouseStormborn: Onion Dome Roof

Make Human

Offsite: MakeHuman
Free and open source software to create realistic 3d humans for: Illustrations, Animations, Games, Zbrush/Mudbox sculpting

Other 3D Applications

Offsite: Mashable: Virtual Worlds: 20+ Tools for Creating 3D Graphics and Environments
Interesting list with a few apps I wasn’t aware of. Worth perusing.

Offsite: Autodesk 123D Catch
Free. Turn ordinary photos into extraordinary 3D models. Capture places, people and things in 3D using your Windows Phone or Mobile device, iPhone, iPad, Android device, or any camera.
Their YouTube channel.
Instructive Article: Turning a Picture into a 3D Model: Convert Photos to 3D by Zach Correa on Jan 20, 2016

Offsite: QGIS: A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System
Export geographic height maps

Offsite: Koordinates
Export geographic height maps

Export geographic height maps

Industry standard CAD program, free to students. Windows & Mac

CAD Standard Lite
Free drafting software

Building Tools, Resources, & Inspiration

Mesh Clothing Resources

Offsite: Damien’s Fate free mesh clothes templates
Instructions on rigging them in Blender: Hypergrid Business: Quick mesh rigging how-to

Architectural Tutorials & Resources

House Stormborn: What Size Should I Make My Doors?

HouseStormborn: Make Your Own Floor Plan

Offsite: SweetHome
Free program for drawing floor plans

Offsite: OpenLearn, Design In A Nutshell
Watch short videos on Gothic Revival, Arts and Crafts, Bauhaus, Modernism, American Industrial Design, & Postmodernism. Also see their article on Art Deco style.

Offsite: A Summary of Western Architecture

HouseStormborn: Roof Workshop

HouseStormborn: Roof Types

HouseStormborn: Roof Glossary

Offsite: RoofHelper Roof Types

Offsite: Wikipedia List of Roof Shapes

Offsite: My favorite local Interior Design studio in Portland, Oregon, US: Domov I.D.

Architecture Education

Yale: Elements of Architecture
Part I,
Part II, Part III

The Electronic Bookshelf
Math and art at Dartmouth

Center for Understanding the Built Environment

Nexus Network Journal
Architecture and mathematics

Geometry Class on
Introduction to Geometry class
3D drawing and geometry

Scale Drawings
Drawing to scale

Architects in Action
Learn about ratio & scale

Golden Ratios Rectangles, and More

Salvadori Center
Education and the built environment

Kids’ Castle
Interactive castle exploration

Architecture for Children
Building Big! Interactive activities and structures database

Technology Education
Try Building Bridges, Built to Last, or Reach for the Sky


Offsite: Skyscraper Page
Drawings and comparisons

Offsite: Built in America
Historic American Buildings

Offsite: Illustrated Glossary of Classical Architecture

Offsite: Lisbon’s art deco & art nouveau architecture
Blog articles on many types of styles and designs


Frank Lloyd Wright

Antoni Gaudi: Barcelona’s surrealist

R. Buckminster Fuller
Dymaxion inventor

Christopher Wren
Mathematician & architect

Leonardo Fibonacci


Interior Design & Floorplans

Design Your Dream Room Complete Lesson Plan
Easy floorplans, 3D

Offsite: IKEA Home Planner

Designing My Dream Bedroom
Interior design

SweetHome 3d
Floorplans & 3D models

Offsite: Nest
Design inspiration

Offsite: Dwell
Home and interior design inspiration

Math & Conversion Tutorials & Resources

Tip: Open a google search window and search for “convert: what-from what-to”
For example to convert from inches to meters search for “convert: inch meter

HouseStormborn: Some Math

Offsite: Stair Calculator

Offsite: Stair Calculator

Offsite: Spiral Stair Calculator

Offsite: Roof Calculator

Offsite: Stair Building Calculations: simple arithmetic for safe stair designs to fit any situation

Offsite: Roof Pitch Calculator & More

Math in Daily Life: Home Decorating

Art & Design Inspiration

Art Inspiration

Inspiring Vehicle Ideas

Offsite: Florida Design Magazine
Architectural & interior design inspiration

Offsite: Dwell Magazine
Architectural & interior design inspiration

Using Color

CGSociety’s tutorial on using color.
After watching the video, check out the qued up videos – most will be links to more videos about using color in many different ways.

A short video about how filmmakers manipulate our emotions using color.

Animation Creation


Offsite: Download qAvimator

Offsite: Second Life Animations with Qavimator, YouTube tutorial by Michael Lively

Offsite: Creating & uploading animations – Second Life Video TuTORial by Torley Linden

Offsite: Haven Ditko’s qAvimator YouTube series

Offsite: BVHacker
Prepare bvh files for upload, convert many types of bvh files, make smooth looped sequences with the Knit function, set a T-pose for the first frame with one keystroke, adjust any bvh file properties, and more.

Offsite: Daz3D

LSL Scripting & Script Resources

Great Canadian Grid: Visit our Free Script Library on Foundation at 134, 152, 37

Offsite: InWorldz Scripting Wiki

Offsite: Con Wylie’s Script Generator
Online LSL script writing tool.

HouseStormborn: Prim Face Indicator Script

HouseStormborn: Mover Over Script

Offsite: Second Life Script Library

Offsite: LSL on Stack Overflow

Offsite: Wolf-Tek Website & YouTube Channel


Offsite: StackOverflow
Support and sharing for all coding/programming (including LSL)

Learn C++ for free

Offsite: cppreference
Reference source for C++ programmers

Learn C++, Python, C#, PHP, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, and more for free.

Offsite: CodeForces
Total geek world for coders

Offsite: Codecademy
Free HTML, Java, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Git (how to use GitHub), & SQL tutorials. Advisors for an upgrade to the paid version.

Offsite: PHP: Getting Help
PHP resources

And don’t forget to check the free courses offered by colleges and universities via MOOC’s

Media Creation & Editing

Audio Editing

Offsite: Audacity

Audio Streaming InWorld



Video Creation & Editing


Video Hosting



Art Communities

Offsite: DeviantArt

Offsite: UCreative

Virtual Worlds & Viewers

HouseStormborn: Viewers

Offsite: Hypergrid Article about OpenSim Viewers

Offsite: Hypergrid Business Hardware Reviews including reviews of many 3D Virtual Headsets

HouseStormborn: Inventory Management

Offsite: Benski Trenkins’ YouTube Channel: InWorldz tutorials, demonstrations, reviews, and such

Offsite: Firestorm’s Built-in AO Tutorial by Hyōkkuda Ryōsan
and one by Dark Tech

Offsite: Organize Your Mess!
Tips, Tricks and How to Organize Your Second Life Inventory!

HouseStormborn: Virtual World Blogs

Marketing & Promotion Articles & Resources

HouseStormborn: Selling Yourself

HouseStormborn: Freebie Shops For General Public to Use

HouseStormborn: The Freebie Ring

HouseStormborn: Ad Groups In InWorldz

HouseStormborn: Marketing and Promotion Forums

HouseStormborn: Rezzing Vendors

Communication Articles & Resources

HouseStormborn: Internet Slang

HouseStormborn: The Art of Text Conversation

HouseStormborn: Read My Avatar

HouseStormborn: Become a Forum Posting Pro!

Offsite: Things We’re Too Old to Say: Sounding off on slang we should drop by Jacquelyn Mitchard

WordPress Tutorials & Resources

HouseStormborn: Creating Pages

HouseStormborn: Add a Photo Slideshow Gallery

HouseStormborn: Headings

HouseStormborn: Special Characters

HouseStormborn: A Few Useful WordPress Tags

Free Content

Blender Market

Offsite: Hypergrid Business: Top avatar outfitters on the hypergrid
Many free content providers listed

Offsite: Zadaroo Public Domain Content

Offsite: Hypergrid Free Scripts


Offsite: Podex Website

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