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This category and these pages are new and only just started. I’ve gone ahead and published them so that you can check out what I do have listed. Please do use the comment sections to add suggestions for new lists or for items to include on the lists.

See also: Tutorials & Blender Resources

Hope you find these useful. Do check back for updated resources.

General Resources

InWorldz Wiki
InWorldz Forum: Free Resources for Creators

LSL Scripting

LSL Script Resources

Prim Face Indicator Script

Marketing and Promotion

Selling Yourself

Freebie Shops For General Public to Use

The Freebie Ring

Ad Groups In InWorldz

Marketing and Promotion Forums

Rezzing Vendors


Internet Slang

The Art of Text Conversation

Read My Avatar


Open a google search window and search for “convert: what-from what-to”
For example to convert from inches to meters search for “convert: inch meter

Some Math

Architectural Building

Make Your Own Floor Plan

Clothes & Avatar Body

Sakari Inua asks How to get started creating clothes

Getting Started Making Skins

Fashion InfoGraphics


CG Textures
Note: CG Graphics does not allow their textures to be uploaded to Second Life because SL/LL has claimed ownership of all content uploaded to and used in their virtual world. I assume the same goes for any world with the same or similar policy.

Public Domain Vintage Art

Public Domain Images

NASA images and videos
Use the ‘Galleries’ menu item to locate images and videos

Art & Inspiration

Art Inspiration

Inspiring Vehicle Ideas

Florida Design Magazine
Architectural & interior design inspiration

Dwell Magazine
Architectural & interior design inspiration

Art Communities


2D Graphics



3D Graphics


Avastar, Primstar, & more Blender Add-ons ($)


Free and open source software to create realistic 3d humans for: Illustrations, Animations, Games, Zbrush/Mudbox sculpting

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