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Raphus Bird: Multipass Mall has a Freebie Shop. If you want to place free gifts with your main shops LM inside, come on over. It is a free way to advertise your own shop. And we have Ad boards too Terra Nova (75,173,503)


KC Sammuels, has graciously allowed me to take over the Freebies Warehouse. KC founded the Warehouse in August 2011, and it has been an InWorldz institution ever since. My associates and I will continue her mission of providing a place for residents to get free items to start or enhance their lives in IW.

Creators are invited to drop off their items at the new location:
Freebies Warehouse IZurl

Box your FREE gift, set the box for sale at a price of zero, and set the For Sale drop-down to “Contents” or “Copy”. Rezz the box on our New Arrivals table. (1-prim items may be displayed unboxed if they are small enough to fit on the shelves. Set For sale drop-down to “Copy.”) PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK “MOVE” so we can relocate the item to the proper department. Then congratulate yourself for helping InWorldz to grow!

Feel free to include a landmark and/or a notecard regarding your business in the box. You may donate as many items as you like.

If you provide free or 1-izzy residential rentals, please contact Shocker Munro about advertising your rentals in the Warehouse. (We do not have a free ad board for anything other than free or 1iz home rentals.)

Contact me or Victoria Justice, Warehouse Manager, at any time with your questions.

THANK YOU for helping keep KC’s dream alive!

Shocker Munro, Owner
Freebies Warehouse at Tranquillity Bay

PS: If you see another freebie shop using nearly identical words as above, please know that, while we are always happy to see others wanting to share freebies in IW, there is only one Freebies Warehouse, and it is not affiliated with any other freebies outlet.


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