Freebie Ring

For great free stuff at InWorldz visit the Freebie Ring. A freebie list & locate system from Wolf Hartnell of Wolf-tek.

If you have a shop or business or just like to give stuff away set up your own freebie vendor. It’s easy. I was surprised how simple and, yet, powerful this system is. Just pop over to Dreamdancer and pick up your vendor and follow the quick and easy instructions. Tell your friends and customers about it!

Look for our free t-shirt celebrating the US Supreme Court’s ruling disallowing discrimination against gay couples who want to marry! Teleport to the shop and you’ll find even more t-shirt choices, celebratory flags, and other freebies at Stormborn Free Store as well as a wide selection of t-shirts for $1 Izzie at the $1 Izzie t-Shirt Shop nearby. While there, do visit the shops of all our Stormborn Creative Collective members at Stormborn Mall and on Penny Lane.

Happy Shopping!

Remona Stormborn

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