Great Canadian Grid Considering Capping Number of Regions

Roddie Macchi, owner of the Great Canadian Grid, is considering a bold choice. He has put a poll up on the GCG forums, “Something I have been Pondering about: Capping Regions sold inworld at 1000“. The community has, to date, voted 82 to 12 in favor of capping the number of regions on the Great Canadian Grid at one thousand regions.

Roddie is concerned about loosing the ability to remain closely involved with the residents on his grid if it continues to grow to a point where he’d have to commit more of his time to maintenance and technical issues. The grid has been growing fast and it now reaching nine hundred regions.

Some of the issues raised in the forum are interesting to consider. I don’t know of any grids that have tried this strategy and am curious how it will play out. Will the limitation create more sharing and cooperation from other residents? One of the reasons the Great Canadian Grid has grown so fast is the exceptionally open-armed and helpful people who welcome newcomers to the grid. Will this limitation create limited resources and encourage, for example, high land rental prices? Or will it encourage more sharing of the limited land resources?

My thoughts are that it will create more density overcoming the low numbers of visitors and participants on most grids as is common in all virtual worlds. But, will this come at a price to those who come later as opposed to those who came first? It’s a shame to see, for new builders in particular, regions that have been beautifully designed that get few visitors. Frequently, creatives are not the best promoters or, even if they are, have a lot of time left to dedicate to promotion. As a result, some great builds are rarely seen. It’s possible that limiting the number of regions while continuing to grow in the number of residents could create denser use of each region and more visitors as well.

It’s a great social experiment in virtual world management and I’m interested in seeing how it might play out. Meanwhile, my biz partner and I have agreed that regardless of how it plays out for anyone else, she and I will not raise our land rental prices which are lower than the cost of purchasing regions directly at the current prices. We’d like to help encourage others to continue to keep the Great Canadian Grid the caring and supportive grid that it is today.

Remona Stormborn

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