Happy Mothers Day

I hope you are all enjoying your special day with family and friends, real and virtual.

After a late night messing with my computer I slept in late, awaking to the ring of my phone with calls and texts from my kids wishing me a great day and inviting me to dinners and such. I’m always glad to hear from those rascals.

I have to say, as a mom of three and a ‘mom’ to many others, I like to stop often and reflect on what great human beings my kids are. They make me feel a swell of pride in my chest. They really do!

Each went their own way and found success. Something that had me worried many a day as they were starting out. What more can a mother wish for but happy kids who have found their passions, found love, and have learned how to deal with the sometimes difficult paths of life?

It’s not always easy when the outcome is uncertain. But, for those of you whose kids are young and still struggling – keep the faith. They’ll make it with your support, encouragement, and love.

For mothers’ day, I want to wish all you moms and ‘moms’ out there, whether your kids are real or virtual, biological or adopted, tiny or all grown up, a proud moment of reflection and pride.

There’s no better gift in the world,
Thanx for the moment,

Remona Stormborn

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