How I Discovered Virtual Love

This is the second article in a series from three ladies who have avatars in several worlds. We’re strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla yet we’ve all had to work out some of the same things in our virtual love lives.

Every ‘Hump Day’ we’re gonna post an article telling you the low-down, straight-up, no bull truth of our affairs, searches for love, and heart wrenching break-ups along with our insights into what makes virtual love so darn irresistible! You’ll hear from several ladies, each with their own take on this passionate subject. Today Lush will tell how she first discovered virtual love and came to realize it’s potentials (for disaster?) Huni will tell her story next hump day. So, get over the hump with me, Huni, lush, and the occasional brave guest, here at HouseStormborn!

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I first discovered virtual worlds on the Play Station 3, seven years ago. It was fun and I made lots of good friends. We became a family.

One day I met a special man. He was fun and made me laugh. His avatar was very dishy, with black hair, blue eyes, tall and slim and muscular.We spent a little time together chatting and added each other as friends. We would go in the same club and have a laugh and sexual banter in each other’s naughty boxes.

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We played pool together and when he lost he would cry, lol, because I’m a good pool player. Or, if I found I was losing I’d chat in his naughty box to make him lose concentration. (I play dirty.) I loved the banter between us and when we went to a club we would have a laugh in local and every one would say how good we were together. We were fun and got the club chatting and laughing with us.

I fell in love with my new friend over a matter of days and our love grew and grew and his virtual love making felt real. It became so intense and filled me with love. I’d never felt like that before in a virtual world. We got married in Play Station home. After a couple of years we came to Second Life and, omg, it was a different world!

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Over time we both got jealous and accused each other of chatting to others, which wasn’t the case with me. Virtual worlds can cause trust issues. When your partner goes quiet and slow to answer it makes you think there are chatting to some one else. When another woman chats to your partner in a flirty way it’s hard to trust because it’s virtual and you’re not with them 24 hours a day. They can make you feel special like you’re the only one for them but, when they’re not on because of some reason or another, it makes you wonder, or when they’re pattern changes and they come on less.

We would fall out and I would divorce him. He would eject me from the land and send back my belongings and we’d block each other-lol. After a few days we missed each other and we would start to talk and make up and remarry. We must have remarried 200 times over that 7 years. Even when we fell out we always had a laugh.

Virtual love hurts when it ends. You have real feelings for the people you have relationships with and it affects your real life. It can make you feel on top of the world or make you cry your eyes out and break your heart. It was an incredible journey and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’d do it all again.

My friend once said to me ‘you can make virtual life as real as you want to‘. And it’s true. I had all the feelings for him as I would in real.

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