How I Discovered Virtual Love

This is the third article in a series from three ladies who have avatars in several worlds. We’re strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla yet we’ve all had to work out some of the same things in our virtual love lives.

Every ‘Hump Day’ we’re gonna post an article telling you the low-down, straight-up, no bull truth of our affairs, searches for love, and heart wrenching break-ups along with our insights into what makes virtual love so darn irresistible! You’ll hear from several ladies, each with their own take on this passionate subject. Today Huni will tell how she first discovered virtual love and came to realize it’s potentials (for disaster?)

I first discovered virtual worlds when I was told about it from a young associate of mine. I signed up for Second Life and Raven Star was born. Even though it’s been four years and many men later, I still continue to play the game but on a new grid now.

I heard you could do anything in this virtual world you could do in real life including relationships and love making. I thought it sounded quite interesting. It took awhile before I “made love” but, when I did, I was nervous just as if it was real life. The guy, who shall remain anonymous, was kind and sweet but a one night stand. We remained friends for sometime after that but never hooked up again.

He took me back to his place which was nice in decor. It looked like he had done it himself. He had a natural flair for decorating. He was gentle and not overbearing. I’ll never forget how he was with me. He was soft and gentle in the way he caressed my body and the way he showed me how things worked in the virtual world. From then on, I was totally immersed in the game and will continue to be.

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