How I Discovered Virtual Love

This is the first article in a series from three ladies who have avatars in several worlds. We’re strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla yet we’ve all had to work out some of the same things in our virtual love lives.

Every ‘Hump Day’ we’re gonna post an article telling you the low-down, straight-up, no bull truth of our many sordid affairs, searches for love, and heart wrenching break ups along with our insights into what makes virtual love so darn irresistible! You’ll hear from several ladies, each with their own take on this passionate subject. Today’s topic, is, naturally, how I first discovered virtual love and came to realize it’s potentials (for disaster?) Huni and lush will tell their stories on the next two hump days. So, get over the hump with me, Huni, lush, and the occasional brave guest, here at HouseStormborn!

How I Discovered Virtual Love

I first discovered virtual worlds when I heard a story on the news about how kids were making while on school break by creating content and selling it. It blew my mind and I had to check it out. I signed up for Second Life pronto and thus began my illustrious career as RoseCityRemona Skytower. It’s been a wild ride. Although only 7 years, it seems like decades. I’ve been through so many trips and adventures.

Once I landed, I heard people talking about virtual love and love making and I got quite a laugh about the idea. Nevertheless I was curious and one day, when out enjoying some blues at Junkyard Blues in Second Life, some guy hit on me and invited me to ‘make love’ with him. He was intelligent, interesting, and in no way insulting or bullying so I decided to give it a go.

He took me to a nature resort that specialized in providing romantic settings for lovers. There was a sign showing various places to make love and I chose a tree house under the stars. I’ll never forget the experience. It was a very beautifully done build. We climbed a rope ladder up to a wood platform that was strewn with fur carpets, blankets, and pillows. You could see the stars in the night sky through the light canopy of tree branches and leaves that softly swayed in the night breeze.

He was an experienced and thoughtful lover and I could tell that he was enjoying giving me my ‘virgin voyage’ into virtual love. It was very sexy and a huge turn on in real life. I’ve never understood the attraction to porn. It always gave me one hell of a laugh – sort of like very dirty comedies more than anything else. But virtual love? The interaction with another human being via our avatars, the romantic setting, the music, it was all a very immersive & sensual experience. I was hooked!

Later that year, I told my family, in ummm delicate terms, over Thanksgiving dinner what virtual lovemaking was (the grands were not there that year) and that I had tried it. You never seen so much turkey fly! They all have become completely convinced that I’m a nutjob (not that they’re wrong or anything). I got quite a kick out of shocking them. I know they are not innocent of perusing porn on occasion, so why should this be any different?

How did you discover virtual love? Tell your story in the comment section below….

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