If You Could Clone Yourself As An Avatar

I just watched the most disturbing 73 minute program on Netflix. If you love avatars and wish you could clone yourself to have as an avatar this is a must watch!

You’ll never stop thinking about it. I’m not exaggerating here. Whoever wrote this piece seriously needs to have their head examined so the rest of us can learn how to think that out of the box original. This video is a work of art of the imagination.

And, better yet, it’s gonna make you think hard about just what virtual reality might become someday. The other seasons and episodes ain’t bad either….

Black Mirror,
Season 3
White Christmas

Or catch it here:
On YouTube from Wolfgang Buck

This is introduced as three interconnected tales. It’s actually four in the end. Each tale in the story will give you another view on virtual reality. Each one creepier than the last.

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