Hi everyone!

So if you have seen me around in inworldz you know that I am a very social lady. If I am not working on a new outfit or look I am either helping someone with theirs or showing them the loops of IW.

You may also see me building or attempting to build whatever it is at the time. I tend to have a habit of multitasking and multi-focusing on things which I am trying to train myself to just focus on one area/build at a time. I guess I do this because I don’t want to forget an awesome idea I had while working on one thing.

I recently started working on skyboxes. Why? Because I have seen some simple ones and not saying simple isn’t nice but because I like to be different and unique I decided to take a try at it. I also decided to work on them in the sandbox sims because you tend to meet new people and its nice to have a large workstation and no accidents of picking up other objects.

I also want to learn how to use templates so that I can start designing clothes. I have been asking my awesome friends and they have broke it down and explained it to me the best that they can. Even gave me templates. However, I need a “How to make virtual clothes for dummies” tutorial with pictures and more lol. I am a visual person along with hands on and a mixture of the rest. I’m used to seeing designer create beautiful clothes using the SL Body Template to design on clothes and line up with guidelines. I wonder if I can just simply upload the templates you can buy from the full perm stores and then design on them then download it back into IW/Virtual World(s) with perfect turn outs…?  If I see only one way of executing something it can be hard to imagine another way with no examples.

Help anyone! lol but please don’t get angry if I ask multiple questions that might seem repetitive.

Thanks :3


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  1. Hi, Sakari. Yes, you can take templates and modify them and sell them as your own creations as long as they are FP (Full Perm). I have done it many times. I started with Robin’s T-shirt template and just changed the color and added some graphics. From there, I learned how to use the templates and found out how to use the matching lines and then just tried to copy RL designs. That helped me learn a lot. Also, people, gave me projects and those helped me learn how to make things too,. Ask Labby about the Microkini. LOL
    Just shoot me an IM if you need some help. I’ll try to pop in from time to time to check on things. The middle vendor in my Wolf Creek Mall shop has mostly my own designs.

  2. lots of helpful stuff here (above) –
    first i have to reinforce about free resources being set up for sale as is, so wrong. anything i provide thats originally free, remains free in my shop. only exception i wouldd concede is where someone is adding other items, or providing a service.
    Jon is quite correct about there being a difference between platforms and skyboxes. a platform is often larger and usually completely open, used for a workshop (creating other builds), for malls, housing areas etc. while a skybox is designed for a specific thing e.g. a home, theatre, club. theres a grey area, things like a ranch could be either.

  3. Hi, Sakari. As for skyboxes, good luck. I am familiar with building basic sky platforms but skyboxes are a totally different animal. As for templates, I have bought one or two of them for teeshirts (100 Izzies apiece, yet) and have cranked out a few teeshirts but that is it. GIMP comes to mind for templates in general, along with the resources Remona, Sophia and Martin suggested. Good luck!

    1. Ah, interesting you say platforms and skyboxes separately. I called it all one and saw no difference lol. Thanks for the support ^_^

    1. Woo! Thanks very much Remona and Sophia. That’s all new to me. I always see them sold somewhere.

  4. Hi Sakari,

    I don’t know which graphics program you use but here’s some suggestions that you might find helpful?

    I started way back when with my favorite mentor, Robin Sojourner Woods. Her tutorials are still relevant today:
    I don’t think she covers templates but she does some very good tutorials on clothing basics, has some great tools, and also has tutorials on creating various types of textures in PhotoShop. Her t-shirt template is a lot of fun – do give it a try!

    For using templates you might try:
    I haven’t taken that one myself but it looks promising.

    A key to realistic clothes is making wrinkles. There’s a tutorial on doing them with PhotoShop at:
    I use Gimp and use pretty much the same method.

    There’s tons of video tuts on youtube. Just search ‘sl clothes templates’ :
    A lot are project based and that can make them especially fun to try.

    And, there’s the always handy list on the Wiki:

    It’s a good thing you asked here ‘cuz that’s an often asked question and it’s a nice opportunity to post some of the resources here. Anyone else know of some good tutorials out there?

    Thanx and good luck,

    1. I’m using PhotoShop ^_^ thanks for all of those Remona. It’s like a playground of resources 😀

      Thanks to all ^_^

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