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Looks like we’ll be having some big changes on Wolf Creek & our other sims. Tranquillity Dexler announced, Wednesday, May 13, 2015, in the forums:

We’re batting around the idea of creating a 2×2 landmass for sale as a single package. The specs would be as follows:

Four 256×256 meter regions arranged in a square. Each of the four regions would hold a maximum of 12,000 prims for a total of 48,000 prims allowed in a 2×2 area. Total region cost would be $85/mo, and we’ll figure out how the multiple region discounts could apply to this offer.

We want to guage interest in this new product so if you would be interested in such an offering, please let us know here.

Since we have so many great projects and proposed projects on our sims and they are, by necessity, often being tucked away on sky platforms, in out of the way corners, or even underground, I decided to jump on this opportunity. Doing the math, it comes out that if I get us two of these 2×2’s (can you scream “Yay! 8 Sims!” with me baby?) in place of our 2 full regions & 1 scenic, I’d be paying the same exact monthly amount plus end up with 1k more in prim allowance in addition to gaining 5 sims more space than we currently have.

It will require some rearranging, and possibly moving from one sim to an attached sim but, the gain is well worth it. I read the 25 pages of posts in response to Tranquility’s announcement and posted my own today: we’re going to get two of these new 2×2’s – when will they be available? Jim Tarber promptly answered:

We hope to deliver 2×2’s faster than the Plus offerings have been (almost ready there), but that still probably means a couple of weeks before we’re ready to offer them for real.

Some progress has been made on the 2x2s but that work has been interrupted by the work for 2 grid upgrades in just over a week and the deployment and testing of the Plus stuff.

So, we won’t have to wait long it looks like. Our next Stormborn Creative Collective meeting is Sunday at 9am IW time so I’ll try to have more answers then. Meanwhile I’ll keep you all posted here on the blog and in our inworld House Stormborn notices.

As for the Plus offerings and the 2 upcoming grid upgrades, maybe that will be a couple more posts soon….


Tranquility set a date for the new program’s availability:

I’m going to set a hard deadline of Jun 16th (exactly 2 weeks) for this product to be ready. We’ll do whatever we have to to hit that date, even if the buying process is not perfect by that point.

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