Labyrinth Stormborn

Labyrinth Stormborn

Labyrinth Stormborn

I’m a recluse from New Zealand who likes drawing, writing, reading and driving (not at the same time). Obsessive, impulsive & compulsive, I’m interested in history, nature, geography & science, with a bent toward astronomy and science fiction.

Computing and computers had always fascinated me, and I’ve been online since PCs could connect. I made my first web page using windows 3.1 and I’ve been a fan and supporter of online interactive worlds since they began. I first started building in virtual worlds about 10 years ago but soon after i did, others interested in being creative or needing help with projects led me to putting more time into instruction than making things.

Unable to recall every one of them, I’ve experienced V-Worlds, SL, Opensim, 3rdRock, Metropolis, OSGrid and Inworldz. Thanks to encouragement and support from friends on Inworldz I’ve found a good balance allowing me to be more productive.

I like to make things that are different, interesting and useful; my own house at Wolf Creek is a good example. As well as my shop, Amaze Building Supplies, which has textures, doors, mazes & novelties, there are several of my creations dotted around our sims which are worth seeing.

AMAZEpic9 200

Amaze Building Supplies

Doors, custom builds, textures.

Visit Amaze Building Supplies

Pano2postpic 200

Trafalgar Square Pano

Visit the Trafalgar Square Pano

MexicoCity 200

Mexico City Pano

Visit the Mexico City Pano

Pano4+remona 200

Hill Country Pano

Visit the Hill Country Pano (Use Mouselook)

Pano1 200

Auckland City Pano

Visit the New Zealand Pano

Portland Pano 200

Portland Pano

Visit the Portland Pano

Tower of London 300x200

Tower of London

Realistic replication of the Tower of London circa 1400’s. Under construction but coming soon eventually!

Visit the New Zealand Pano

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