On Being Judgemental

I’m not sure when it happened. When having good judgement became trying not to be judgemental.

I was at Rose Haven, a community gathering place for women, yesterday. One of the ladies said that she tried hard to not judge people.

That got a conversation going and several ladies went on to agree that it is important to not be judgemental.

Well, those of you who know me know I couldn’t just sit there and listen to this unthought-out verbal group consensus. I had to throw a cog in the wheel. So, I spoke up and, firmly and clearly informed everyone, “I’m very judgemental.”

Heads pivoted like Regan’s in the “Exorcist“. All eyes were on me and I could read some expressions that informed me in no uncertain nonverbal terms that I was being judged – and harshly at that. Would my devil be exorcised?

It sometimes seems to me that, as an intelligent species, we’re going backwards, not forwards. I distinctly remember Martin Luther King’s beautiful speech that spoke up about his dream that someday we could live in a world where black people and white people did not draw a line between one another based on the color of their skin and that, instead, we would judge each other by the content of our character.

Do we really think that we are all non-judgemental? Do you want to hang out with people who treat you badly, speak rudely to others, or who make bad behavior choices?

I think good judgement is at the heart of having healthy boundaries. Maybe, when we get over being embarrassed about being judgemental we’ll finally be able to have productive conversations about the real issues like racism, sexism, and classism. (Oh, did I say that naughty word “classism” again?)

If we learned to have good judgement and to respect good judgement maybe we Americans could have a presidential election where candidates who create environments of hatred and violence, who validate fallacies like anti-immigration policies, who disrespect opposing candidates with name calling would not have a chance in hell of getting a single vote.

My vote is for judgement. It’s time we learned to judge a book and burn the ones that hold us back from becoming the intelligent species we like to fantasize we are now.

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Politically Correct Idealism has killed a virtue called “common sense”.

we all judge but how do I use that judgement? As a weapon or, to make me better?

Judge away and have fun 🙂 In 100 years or so you will no longer exist so what d

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