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I’m proud to say that we have reached 200 members! This site is new and we’re still working to get great content up for our readers and members.

This site is all about communication. From both the providers, Stormborn Creative Collective, and our visitors. I have noticed a lack of commenting and worried that this might be a limitation created by WordPress or BuddyPress.

I’ve taken steps to ensure that all our readers, registered & logged in or not have, at least, the ability to read our content & to comment on posts & on pages that are set for commenting. I look forward to hearing your opinions & suggestions.

Thank you for joining us here on HouseStormborn.com

Street Newspapers

Blue Moon

I had an interesting evening tonight and thought I’d share it. My neighborhood is a great ‘walking district’, full of restaurants, shops, & bars, many with outdoor seating along the public sidewalks. Out on my daily stroll (my way to avoid ‘computer arse spread’) I stopped at one of the trendy restaurants, the Blue Moon, to have a nice dinner in the breezy late spring evening air. A Mambo Cubano (Cuban-style pressed sandwich with smoked pork loin, chili-coffee pork carnitas, Swiss cheese & dill pickle) grilled sandwich & barbeque sweet potato fries accompanied by an Edgefield Alexander (brandy, coffee liquers, & cream on ice). Continue reading Street Newspapers

Why I play a girl avatar by Logan Stargazer

Actually I play a shapeshifter but my main form is the smexiest avatar in Inworldz. I suppose I should start at the beginning. I was born in “The Grid Of Pure Evil And Greed Who’s Name We Do Not Speak” as a male avatar. Continue reading Why I play a girl avatar by Logan Stargazer

A New School in IW?


Just a note to let you all know that I’ve been chatting with Martin Glom of IW about the possibility of teaming up to hold some inworld classes on our Stormborn sims. He’s interested in teaching Photoshop, in particular, clothing creation. Photoshop is a subject I lack being a Gimp user myself so it’s a welcome addition to the roster of great content creation tutorials available. Continue reading A New School in IW?

Interesting News From IW Staff


Looks like we’ll be having some big changes on Wolf Creek & our other sims. Tranquillity Dexler announced, Wednesday, May 13, 2015, in the forums:

We’re batting around the idea of creating a 2×2 landmass for sale as a single package. The specs would be as follows: Continue reading Interesting News From IW Staff

US Digital Spying Beat but Not Down


I received great news in an email from the Electronic Frontier Foundation that I’d like to share. If you are an American, do give your congressman a holler if you’d like to see this issue resolved now! If you live elsewhere, feel free to let some of our congressmen know that you are watching this issue and that it matters to you as well. Continue reading US Digital Spying Beat but Not Down

Labs 1st Post! Be careful what you say…

If you remember “groovy” “grouse” or “far out” you might be called old, but think about it – “cool” isn’t as recent as you think. First used in 1933, popularised (yes I’m not American, I spell proper ;p) by jazz artists and much later revived but evolved. Sayings or jargon varies from place to place, often strictly local. For example if you are told  “saunter” in Dublin you should leave – you’re being told to f*** off (saunter on mate). The Irish are even more fond of jargon and colloquialism than Cockneys and that’s saying a lot.

The Nature of Cyberspace

On Inworldz and Virtual Worlds in general communities are global so it’s not unusual to hear what seems nonsensical chat. Don’t be afraid to ask for explanations, it can lead to meeting more people. Send a private message and learn something.

What is Virtual Reality?

Teleporter Next Exit Sign 100x59

A lot of people I meet who hear I am into virtual reality ask me what it is. They want to know what it’s all about and what it’s like – what do I do there? Here’s my answer. It’s all this and so much more – the possibilities are as infinite as the human imagination…. Continue reading What is Virtual Reality?

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