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I just did something to my store and wanted to share what I did in the hopes of helping others. The situation was this: I live under a fair but also relatively small prim limit of 1500. I blew through that quickly. My solution was a rezzing vendor. it’s most excellent. The relevant feature is that it contains a vending system that could in theory contain products that cover an entire sim*. Well, I don’t have anything that big but I do have some very prim-heavy products.

Here’s the end result. When I am finished with this project my store will have a standing amount of maybe…200 prims with a rez pad that could rez out 1300 prims per item or two vendors but don’t go over 600 prims per item or 4 vendors but don’t go over 300 prims per item. Those limits are based on me having 2 or 4 active customers all rezzing huge items or furniture sets at once.

Another way to view it is I could stay within my prim limit but effectively have 50,000,000 prims worth of products total. The catch is not all of them out at once; only what a customer is actually interested in.

The rezzer concept could easily be applied to that 12K per sim limit on 2x2s using a regular rezzer system. Do you HAVE to have EVERY room of your house on the land at one time? Put each room in it’s own rezzer (empty rooms with a rezzer in each) and just pop out the room(s) you are actively using at the moment. That’s how you put an entire house into a small area too. One room, many forms; kitchen, bedroom, whatever.

Do you HAVE to have all your products out at once? Put the heavy stuff into a rezzing vendor or two. Put all those paintings into a rezzing vendor and save a bunch of prims and wallspace.

Imagine an fairly empty sim with a rezzing vendor on it. The place sells entire sims and HUGE items like waterfalls (waves at J0hn) as long as the total isn’t more than 12K prims in one shot all is cool. Same concept with a regular rezzer. One sim, hundreds of possibilities. Stuff 100,000,000 prims into that 12K one theme at a time.

Alphavend. OMG is it POWERFUL!

Steelman’s is half the price and quite good but Alphavend is an all-in-one system and can vend anything you have; textures, sounds, animations, objects, give out demos, show your outfits on bots, rez stuff, email you, split profits, pay commissions, give discounts, give freebies, pay anything you want to option. You can also build your own vendor and just use the scripts.

Zauber did a kickass job!

I hope this helps people.

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