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Your Internet is an Endangered Experience

Yet again net neutrality is on the chopping block in the United States. Ajit Pai, a former Verizon employee is now the appointed head of the FCC and he’s been working to take down the internet as we know it.

A vote to end net neutrality is scheduled for December 14 despite millions of people stating during the comment period that they do not approve of this unholy move.

Find a protest near you.

Net neutrality stands between us and internet service providers being the sole agents of censorship of the content we enjoy online. Without it out experiences will be doled out piecemeal in trade for high prices – the content they think we should have any chance of access to anyway.

You can forget about alternative news sources, educational content, indie content, and most gaming. Are you willing and able to pay even higher prices for your virtual worlds? Steam? YouTube? or any of the other sites you enjoy now?

Despite the predatory prices already charged for capped internet speeds and download maximums companies like Verizon and Comcast are not satisfied. Their greed for money, power, and control of all that we share, our very thoughts, is as unlimited as as the corruption of the Trump administration and the power hunger of the Koch brothers.

Let’s not let them take the internet from us: the place for sharing of knowledge, content, & skills; where we have the ability to inform each other about local and world events & organize against the machine; and the source for sharing and caring among friends from all around the world.

Stand up and be counted in the protests against ending net neutrality now, before it’s too late!

To give you an idea of how strongly people in-the-know feel about this issue let me quote moonpie_rex from Reddit:

A dose of fear is what keeps all humans in check. You and I have fear of arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment that keeps us (hopefully) from taking what we want from those around us.

Our legislators have no fear. Their jobs are safe through gerrymandering, and their income is safe through donors and insider trading. They have no fear of us, so they’re boosting their incomes on our backs. Faxes, telephone calls, protests, or any other form of non-violent rage is simply not imparting the necessary fear any longer because we can’t legitimately back them up with our votes, therefore we see no need to waste our time with them.

The correction is to re-establish a normal, healthy fear within the legislative body. Unfortunately I think the lack of organized protest indicates that we’ve all realized that we’re down to violence as the only method remaining, and are sitting on our thumbs because we’re individually unwilling to commit.

Anybody’s guess how it turns out from here, but I’m putting my money on bloody as fuck.

To learn about Net Neutrality, why it’s important, and/or want tools to help you fight for Net Neutrality, visit BattleForTheNet

You can support groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU and Free Press who are fighting to keep Net Neutrality:

Set them as your charity on Amazon Smile here

Write to your House Representative here and Senators here

Write to the FCC here

Add a comment to the repeal here

Here’s an easier URL you can use thanks to John Oliver

You can also use this to help you contact your house and congressional reps. It’s easy to use and cuts down on the transaction costs with writing a letter to your reps.

Also check this out, which was made by the EFF and is a low transaction cost tool for writing all your reps in one fell swoop.

Most importantly, VOTE. This should not be something that is so clearly split between the political parties as it affects all Americans, but unfortunately it is.