A Line Of Old Men – US History in terms of human lifetimes

A line Of Old Men – 09/Jun-2015  Logan Stargazer
History does not really cover that much time if you look at it in the right way. In term of human lifetimes it’s really not that long. In this view we will examine two people; a young boy around five years old and an old man, perhaps the boy’s Grandfather, who is 85 years old. In each of these scenarios the boy is sitting on the Old Man’s lap listening to stories of the Old Man’s youth and life.

The year is 2015.
Boy #1: Born circa 2010.
Old Man #1: Born circa 1930.

Old Man number one has existed since the end of The Great Depression. He was too young for World War Two (he’d have been 15) but he remembers rationing and the dropping of the Atomic Bomb. He most likely fought in Korea, Vietnam and South East Asia. He may have been a Hippie. He saw Equal Rights being fought for. He saw JFK get shot. He may have met JFK, Martin Luther King and many other historical figures. There is a person alive right now who has seen these things for himself and if you want to live vicariously shake the hand that shook the hands of these people. Old Man Number One may be Forrest Gump for all we know. lol

The year is now 1935.
Old Man #1 is Boy #2 and is five years old.
Old Man #2 was born circa 1855.

Old Man number two was born before The Civil War! His family may have owned slaves. He himself may have been born a slave. He may also have been born a free native american while the people still lived as their fathers lived. Old Man number two saw The Wild West. He may have met General Custer, Wild Bill and all the others. He may have met Sitting Bull, George Washington Carver, Harret Tubman and so many others. We have only gone back two old men and we are in the Wild West! When Old Man number two was a boy there were many less states and the US map looked very different. Old Man number two may have worn a handlebar mustache and rode a Penny Farthing bicycle during the “Gay Ninties”.

The year is now 1890.
Old Man #2 is now Boy #3 and is five years old.
Old Man #3 was born circa 1810.

My knowledge of US history is poor on this period. The War Of 1812 is all that comes to mind. Sorry. Let’s go back one more level.

The year is now 1815.
Old Man number three is Boy #4 and is five years old.
Old Man number four was born circa 1730.

We did it! The United States didn’t exist yet. Old Man number four was forty six years old when this land became the USA. He was not and could not have been a natural born US Citizen. Old Man number 4 saw George Washington, Ben Franklin and all the others of that time period. Old Man Four lived in a country that was still 95% wild and packed with native people. Shake the hand that shook the hand that shook the hand that shook the hand of George Washington.

The journey is over. In only four “Old Men” we have run out of US history. This country is only four old men old!
This piece has been done on US History only. I encourage others to tell us about French “Old Men” and Spanish “Old Men” and any others. How many “old men ago” were the major events in your country?

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