The Dream, Part Five

As I lay there watching the big man undress a cloud of dispair comes over me, why me why is this happening ? he is soft at the moment, but he is now stroking his cock making it grow, one of the largest I have seen at 10 inches, strangly I am feeling a strange sentastion in my own groin, and feel the urge to want to touch my ownself, soon realizeing I am getting wet, mmm oh so wet, he steps up closer to me, still stroking his cock, with one hand, his eyes looking atme and his free hand, touches my thigh, I kinda jump, at first, but feel my legs spread apart, wanting, willing, needing.

He smiles, as he slips a finger into me, my growing wetness coating his finger in my warm juices, he is very hard now, as he leans in, pulling at my corset, exposing my breast, leans down and preceeds to lick my nipples, and then biting my breast leaving teeth marks,owwwww I yelp. that hurt. he tilts his head, looks at me again, and bites down hard again, on the other breast, then he kisses it, all better, then he bites my neck, and again very hard bite, marks now on my breast and neck,while he still fingers my hole and strokes his cock, I let out a long moan, surprised by my reaction, he slips in a second finger into my now swollen pussy, wetness dreching his fingers. my hips reacting to the touch,he continues to kiss and bite my skin from my neck to my tummy to my thighs, biting my thighs between my legs, close to my pussy, he withdraws the fingers, I whimper a little almost pouting, was starting to almost enjoy it, he walks to the end of the pedistal as I watch him, he reaches out grabbing my ankles, and pulls me to the end. turns me over letting my legs dangle, This time, I want you from behind, so lay there and be a good little girl, gulps, as i feel him put his hand on my butt checks and pulls me apart, exposeing my ass and wet pussy, I am going to be nice, so first your wet pussy, then i am taking your assand itwill belong to me, understand. sighs, yes he slides a finger in first and out, then I feel the cock head against my pussy’s lips. whimpering, he slowly pushes in, I feel the cock split me open, my wetness coating inch after inch after inch as it fills me fully with his cock, in and out in and out, he pounds and carresses my ass cheecks with his hands, then gripping my hips, he with drawls from my pussy, now you ass is mine, he presses his cock, still wet from my pussy, up against my ass, whimpering, knowing this might hurt, he pushes in, feeling my muscles give way as the head slides in deeper and deeper, so much pressure, but strangly so much pleasure, moanssssss. feeling the cock as it fills the inside of my body. he rams it in and out in and out, my body bouncing from the force when he bottoms out, the cock all the way in,.

As I lay there almost in tears, he is growning loudly, the friction warming my ass. till he pulls out, mmm I want babbies, so inthe pussy we go, and quickly slips into my pussy, I let out a surprised moan, my body, mmm almost wanting, enjoying , incha after inch, deeperin to me, he goes,, i shudder in a orgasm, no longer able to control my body, it wants fucked, it wants filled, it want to be fully plesured. he is pounding in and out faster now, growning and moaning,, his balls about to burst,, and feeling the cock get tighter in me, he cumms, filling me, flooding me with his warm egg filled sticky cumm,,,

collapsing on top of me, he is panting, I am spent, I am full of his cumm, deep in side of me, panting, warm and sweety,, he. pushes me back up onto the ped, and preceeds to climb up beside me, the cock, slowly shrinking, spent, my tummy full of his seed, he looks into my eyes, smiles, mmmm you was wonderful, we will do this many times, again and again.

resting a few moments, he finally speaks up. ok back to your room, stands and pulls me along, ,,, putting me in the room, handcuffs my once again to the wall, see u soon , he exclaims, sighs, and I hear him walk away. I sit in the corner and curl up, sad and frightened, what is so going on,, what about my son. Riska must be so worried,

Sitting in the darkness. drifting in and out of slumber, BANG , BOOM Crash, I am startled, what the heck was that, more crashes from somewhere near by, I am franticly looking around, but is so dark in here, Boom, crash, growls and strange noises, am shaking like a leaf, crashes, booms go more sounds, broken glass, and many fighting sounds, screams of pain, but a scream like I never heard before, then,,,silence. now im shivering, covering up best I can in my blanket, I pull at the handcuffs, another crash, the sounds of doors being broke open, another then another, till finally. the door to my room comes crashing open, the force knocking it off the hinges, there in the doorway, a even bigger man stands, tears in my eyes, when I finally realize, is my best friend and gardian, Ban Masters,

He is standing there, looking at me, and finally he speaks, well darling, glad i found you now let’s get you home. he walks over, handcuffs.laughs, and snaps them off like nothing, ok darling, let me get you out of here. jumping up into his arms. giving him the biggest hug you can ever imagine, ,,there there Lil. we have no time to lose, lets get out of here. he pulls me along and im to small to run, he finally. Lil let me pick you up, and it will be much faster, ok,and whoosh we are away threw the treesat a blur, he is so careful notto let one tree branch come near, ,where are we going I yell out,, to a safe place, he answeres. we finally after running a good hour, he carring me, we come to a small cave opening, he slows, and then enters, I cannot seea ting, but he seems to know the cave well, when we finally enter into a large chamber. a small fire filling the room with a orange glow, a few pieces of old leather furniture, a bear skin rug, in front of the fire, he sets me down, rest darling, as been a busy day.

looking around the room I see a couch, walking over to it and sit down, look at Ban ask, but who, how did you know where to find me, and why this happening to me, Ban still panting from the full out run, well darling, is my job, I am here to protect you, when you didnt show up last night, Riska got worried and called the work place, talked to bear, and they told me, well here we are, now get some rest, handing me a bottle of water. watching the fire, as I try to realize what happened, ban, leaves the room, comes back a few moments later, is not much, buthere is some clothes, better then what u are wearing, smiles as I look down, realizing, Ban was a little embarrred by my nake ass, and top was only the corset, so gladly accept his sweatshirt and shorts, he turns walks to a cupboard, is not much, buthere is some food, is fresh and cooked, enjoy, I gladly accept it, eat. till my tummy was full. leaning back in the couch exhausted, I fall asleep.

BEEP BEEP BEEP. the alarm clock sounds, opening my eyes, , my alarm clock, sitting up,, wide awake, now, looks around, its my bed, my pajama’s. my room,

It was just a dream?……………….

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