The Dream, Part Four

Dozing in and out of sleep.. so tired. the room im in is musty smelling and dark. I tossed and turned most of what I think was night time, when opens the door and turns on the light, i shield my eyes as I squint in the bright light filled room. he is front of me, ask did you sleep well ?. no I sleepily answer. that is fine. you can rest more later. now we take and clean you up, you are a mess. I can’t have you a dirty smelly. girl. he reaches down slaps a ankle cuff onto my leg, locks it in place, then pulls keys from his pocket, and unlocks the cuffs from my wrist, I ask why do you have me chained ?. *laughs* you are my pet. and pet’s are chained. he then pulls at my chain and says. come along. we have many things to do today. I resist at first, he pulls harder, the chain cutting into my skin. Come Lil or I will be very nasty to you… sighs I follow. down this hallway. then another, up a flight of stairs, seems we walk a long ways. till he leads me into a room, a chair close to one wall, and towels on a shelf. along the other, then a open shower.

Strip he demands. No I spit back. and with a big whack, a sharp pain goes threw my ass, he spanked me hard, almost knocking me off my feet, Strip he demands or get another. sighing as I rub my tush. shaking. and ask.what am I to do ?. shower he growls. once your finished there are clean clothes, he points to a locker in the corner of the room, clean up, I am going to sit here and watch you.standing there for a moment, I turn my back to him, unbuttons my blouse, button after button pulling it off, then I ask what do I do with these, my clothes. toss them over there. he points, to a hamper. ok. then reaching down, unfastening my belt and then my shorts button and unzip, wiggles my ass a little to slide them down, he speaks up, oh ya baby, mmmm you look wonderful. shivers run again down my spine. finally shed of clothes, walking to the shower, turning it on, and precede to wet my self down, finding a bar of soap, and a rag, cleaning, the water feels warm and inviting, rubbing my breast with the soapy rag, and then all the other parts, finishing with , my mound, cleaning it well as he speaks up, finger your self, make your self cum while in the shower, mmm so hot,

Standing there, hearing those words, sighs, , ok, a show he wants a show he gets runs in my mind, I am a stripper, done this many times, maybe if I can distract him long enough I can escape. turning to face him, licking my lips. so sexily. Slowly spreading my legs apart, lean back against the wall. taking my hand, with the bar of soap slowly lowering it to my pussy, and press it hard up against my self, rubbing back and forth,, my breathing hastens and my heart beginns to race, eyes rolling back in my head, he lets out a whistle, startles me for a second, but quickly am back to make love to the bar of soap. moaning loudly, putting on the show, mmmmmm yesssss ohhh mmmmmmmmmm rubbing myself faster, harder,breathing oh so fast, mmmmmm for a moment forgetting im a prisoner here.I slide down the wall and sit, legs wide apart, allowing him to see the show, he sits forward in his chair,,watching me, I drop the soap and slip in two fingers rubbing harder and harder, till oh cummminnnggggggg. squirting and filling my pussy with warm juices, fuck I scream out, I quickly relax, opening my eyes, to see him rubbing his own crotch,

Finally showered, pleasured and dried off, I walk over to the locker, to see what clothes there are, opening the door, is a satin lace undercorset, garter belt, white stockings, and high heels, but looking closer, no panties,, He barks out, are you dressed yet Lil ?. hurry it up, now he demands. so I hurriedly dress, surprisingly the clothes fit me well, as I turn and start to look his direction, he tugs me forward dragging me by the chain still attached, hand over hand he drags me to his seat in the chair,. kneel pet, I dont kneel for no one, oh really,is that so ?. yes thats so. he grabs my chain , yanks hard, and knocks me off my feet, I land on my back, gulps. kneel before me now !!!!! noooo, .. he stands up. a big man he is, looks down at me, reaches down, and grabs my hair, and begins to drag me, noooo I fight,, dragging me across the floor and into another room, you are going to learn to mind me lil.

owwww your hurting me, let go of my hair. finally in the next room. he walk while dragging me to a pedistal, he lets go of my hair, as he turn and sits in yet another throne, kneel before me slut. begrudingly, I somewhat comply. now glancing around this room, there are candles lit all around, must be 50 of them, in the middle of the room is the pedestal, with red stains on it, looking at it, it looks , it looks like something I seen before, smack to my head, ouch, he hits he, Lil he reaches into a pocket, and pulls out a picture , he turns it to let me see the image, Lil . do you know who this is ? a picture of Mathew and Riska, eyes wide open, um yes, I know them how do you have that picture I ask, is of friska house in her kitchen, but how. how is not important, is to show you. I am capable of many things, be in many places. evil grin. now Lil you dont want anything to happen to them do you ?

Dont you dare even think you will hurt my son. So help me I would kill you I blurt out. hahaha he laughs, thats the fire I want to hear, I knew I picked you Lil, you are quiet and shy, but full of passion. and now I want to fill you with my passion, as he rubs his croctch . what if I say no. ? he points to the picture again. do as I say or they die. please no,, dont do anything to my son. head down, sighs, what is it you want. first thing is you on the pedestal, pointing to the middle of the room, standing, and slowly make my way. with him right on my heels, dont be sad Lil. you may start to enjoy me eventually, hahahahaha. reaching the pedistal, he grabs me by the waist, from behind, I shake, as he smells my hair, and kisses my neck, ewwwww, my skin crawls, tears forming in my eyes, he is now carressing my hips and my thighs, mmmmm he says, been a long time, since I been with you. too long. now we make it up. ..his hand all over my body,, reaching up he pinches my breast, kisses my neck and nibbles on my ear,, one of his hands pulling my hair to the side, as he licks my neck, ,,my eyes, slighty closeing, knowin what is about to come. his breath on my skin.he pushes my body up against the table, with him and his cock pressed against my body, feeling the large lump. against my hip.

He steps back for a moment, mmm last time, I had to tie you down. do I need to tie you. or will you be a good girl and lay there ? flashing back to the clearing and the vines that trapped me, Is ok i will lay here for you. he grabs my hips. spins me around to face him, , watching him as he looks up and down my slender pettit body, you look fantastic in these clothes, he pushes into me again, this time locking lips with me, am too little to fight back,, worried about my son at home, he lets his tounge deep into my mouth, kissing me, as I pan for air, mmmm feeling a little bit of passion, in my body, a feeling I had once before, a few years ago. as I look into his face, it’s a face I have seen before, but where, trying to remember where else have I seen him, when it finally dawns on me, could it be the stranger at the club that alwas sits over in the darker corner, not talking to anyone, always alone, always there only when I work.

He picks me up setting me onto the pedestal, Lay down he says. I comply, im laying there, watching him pull off his coat, then his shirt, then he drops his pants. as I watch. seeing a devilish looking tatts on his arms and back,he is tall a big man, standing now beside me he takes his hand. while looking in my eyes. speaks out, this isnt going to hurt,

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