The Dream, Part Three

Drifting in and out of conciuosness, groaning, as I sit in my old jeep , now a twisted mangled mess of steel and plastic, steam rizing from the radiator, wedged between two tree’s. I reach up and feel the lump on my forehead, trying to focus, who the hell was that man out here in the middle of nowhere, jumping in front of me? finally I release the seatbelt, and struggle to get out of the wreckage, stepping onto the ground, I move a couple of steps.. frantically, try to find my cellphone, I look in the jeep and in my pockets, where is my purse im looking around and in the jeep, the crash may have bounced it out, alot of my belongings are strewn about the wreck,. I turn and look up the hill, where I once was, and see there is no way for me to climb up, will have to look for another way back to the road, but atm I need to find my purse and my cellphone.

Decideing I better sit for a moment, gather my thoughts as to what happened, when all of a sudden, standing in front of me, with the sun in my eyes, is a man. and before I can say a word. he grabs me up tosses me over his shoulder like a rag doll and starts to sprint threw the woods at a blazing speed! trying to kick and beat him on his back with my little fist, the more I hit, the faster he runs! The trees a blur now as he running at full speed, screaming at him, let me gooo, but he just keeps running faster and faster, I start to drift in and out of counceince from the bump on my head, finally, totally blacking out,

Eyes blinking, I open my eyes, oh my God, where am I, I try to look around, Im in a dark room, I see no windows or any light except for a really dim light over on a table, other then that I cant make anything out as I squint, trying to see, I try to move, I am stopped, my wrist are handcuffed together, a chain is attached to them, holding me fast to a wall anchor a few feet away,tugging against the chain I soon relize I am not going anywhere.

A few minutesgo by maybe even hours, the time seems to have stopped while in this room, What is going on? hearing my own heart beat, is so quiet! footsteps, I hear footsteps, Help I scream out, then stop to think, wait a minute is the steps I hear the stranger or someone to help me, so I silence myself! waiting and waiting which seems like forever, The sound of a door handle being turned, then I see light coming from the door way, the figure of a big man filling the doorway. Who are you? I shout out. he says nothing he enters walks in closing the door, I hear his footsteps as he gets closer and then hear him sit down

Finally he clears his throat, Hello ,Lil. welcome to your new home. you are now my pet. do you understand ? shaking my head, what do you mean by pet!? He lets out a deep sinister sounding belly laugh, just what I said, you are to be my pet, and be a great mother to my children, you already have been taking care of one of them thesepast 2 yrs, you have been a wonderful mother to my little Mathew.

A chill goes down my spine, a look of terror on my face. He stands and walks over to the wall and turns on a light, which lightens up the room considerably, now I can see his face, oh my God. I know this face the face I seen 3 yrs ago in the clearing, the man who tossed me onto the pedestal, and. but he interupts, YES. Lil it is I,, the father to Mathew and you will have many more children for me, laughs, Do you understand Lil? No I cry out. you will do as I say or I will hurt your child. and your friend Riska.

How does he know Riska and more importanly. how does he know about Mathew. I know lots about you Lil. I chose you for your lovly body, and your great personality, I choose you, laughs. why me? I am no one, Lil you are someone. you are to me a great prize. do you not recognize this room. No I answer. he then say’s look around closly. so I do. looking at one corner to the other, then I see a table. looking closer. I see broken bottles on the floor and eyes wide open now! my buttons and what looks like my bra, from 3 yrs ago. I just stare at the buttons.

Not paying attention, he comes closer. reaches down. he puts his hand under my chin pulling my face towards him. He smiles, now Lil do you remeber this place ?
A cold shiver runs down my pettit little body. But I thought this was just a bad dream. No Lil. this is not a dream. it is alot for you to take in, so am going to turn off the light and let you rest for a while, I want you fresh so we can start making babies for my great army. great army ? but he stands. turns and walks to the door, as he open , he speaks one final time, yes . Lil my army. get some sleep. turns out the light and he closes the door behind him. leaving me in the dark room alone and scared. I feel around and find a blanket. and a pillow.. laying down. trying to calm my thoughts and get a grip on what is happening, and finally drifting off to sleep.

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