The Dream, Part Two

Beeep beeep beeep, the annoying alarm clock sounds… 6a.m. it’s time to wake up. rolling over after I slap the alarm clock, ohhh too early. streching I feel a warm body beside me, shaking her to wake her up, hey. aren’t you suppose to be at the airport about now? she ask, oh what time is it? I answer is 6:02 a.m. now. she blurts out, shit, jumps up, I watch her naked body as she runs into the bathroom,, quickly she dresses and gets ready to go,, I lay back watching, loving the sight of her naked ass ass she is hurrying about, finally she is dressed and bolts towards the door,, she finally pauses, turns and leans down, kissing me good bye,, mmmm love you Lil, she expresses,,. love you too, see you soon I say, and out the door she goes, will call from Atlanta when I get there, ok I yell back as I hear the front door slam shut, yawning once again, streaching, waking up, finally pushing the covers back, pull myself out of bed, so much to do today,is Mathews birthday today, and I got to go to the store and pick up his birthday cake, you don’t turn two everyday, in the bathroom , jump in the shower, brrrr is cold, the water heater not working again, no money to fix it,, will just have to wait another day, dressed , walking into the kitchen, the cabinets bare, no food,, sighs, things have been really tight since the factory closed, dancing 8 hours a day at the treasures gentleman’s club is really bad, the guys who use to tip have moved on, is hard for a single mom with a 2 yr old to survive,

As I get ready to go, my cellphone rings, Hello. Hey Lil it’s me Riska, What does Mathew like to eat for breakfast, waffles or cheerios,Cherioos, hows he doing ? he is fine, just hungry, is the party still on for 5 .p.m. ? yes it is. i’m just getting ready to run to town and pickup the cake and ice cream, ok. see you then, tell Mathew I love him, ok ? ok, take care, and the line goes silent, I am lucky to have met Riska, she been working at the club a long time, took me in and we feel like sister’s, she was willing to take Mathew over night so I can get ready for the party.

Climbing into the old jeep, praying, come on just one more time. please get me to town and back.and it spits and it sputters a couple time’s, I try it again finally it starts and runs. putting it into gear I roll down the driveway looking to my left I pull out and press the gas, and finally is up to speed, as I drive trying to keep it on the road, since the tires are shot and the brakes, I hope no one ever pulls in front of me, I may not get stopped, well no time to think about that, a few miles down the road I see flashing lights so I start to slow down, coming to a stop next to a police officer, Whats the matter officer ?. Sorry miss the roads closed, had a semi wreck a few miles down and is gonna be all day to clean it up, Oh!!! well is there any way around it , I ask? well miss since you are in this 4×4 you can take this little road right here, it will take you down into a small creek, but your jeep is tall enough to clear it, just turn here and it will bring you out on the other side of the wreck, thanking the officer, I pull the shifter back into gear, and turn as the officer said,

The road is gravel in the beggining then it turns into more of a trail, the shocks on my jeep are shot as well, and im bouncing alot, glad my seatbelt works is holding my little body firmly in my seat, thinking to myself,I haven’t passed another vehicle or seen anyone in awhile. hmm I hope I didn’t miss my turn, winding along this trail thankful im in a jeep, the road narrows and now is now dropping down a small hill, I’m watching as the road narrows even more, if i turn to my right, im a goner, as the road trails on and I start to come around a blind corner, a man jumps out in front of me,, I slam on the brakes but the brakes finally give up. all I can do to avoid hitting him is turn,, and off the roadway and down the side of the hill, maybe 100 foot drop,, holding on to the steering wheel, screaming, as I bounce, and then roll over two times, finally slamming head first into a tree,the sudden stop sends my my head banging against the steering wheel, knocking myself out.

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