The Dream

I slip into the room, dark and grunge. looking around for the light switch or a lamp, bumping into a table, hear the rattle of bottles, feeling around find a lamp, fumbles for a moment that feels like a eternity, finally light dim but light , looking around in the room , the light putting off shadows, when I jump.. looking closer I see a man sitting in the corner with a look of lust on his face, he stands and quickly is in front of me, he grabs my wrist before I can move. he pushes me backwards, bumping hard into the table, he quickly clears the table with a loud crash, the bottles hitting the floor, he pushes me onto the table, I see into his eyes a fiery passion, a wanting lust , Slightly releases the grip on my wrist taking one hand and as I watch him, he starts to pop off the buttons to my blouse, my breathing becomes faster, watching, almost wanting.

Feeling a desire I never felt before, watching this strange man popping off my buttons, soon all the buttons are off and laying on the floor, he pulls apart my blouse exposing my bra, he looks at it then up into my face, grins as he pulls out a knife, putting under the fabric right between my now heaving breast , with a quick upward motion the fabric no match to the sharp knife, rips the fabric into pieces he yanks the cut up bra and tosses it to the floor, quickly he drops the knife and puts his hand onto my breast, rolling the nipples in his hands, massaging, playing with my breast, a feeling of passion runs threw my body, as this stranger, leans down kissing each breast, then sucks on one nipple then the other.

Moaning unexpectedly, feeling my pussy now getting moist, this man making love to my breast, sucking and biting one then the other, and as quickly as he had pushed me and undressed me he steps back, grins and poof he disappears, as I lay there, naked on top wanting, needing a desire to fill me, but was this a dream, a nightmare, bit dazed and confused, sitting up realizing my top and bra in pieces, I gather up my top, putting it on holding it closed as I run from the room….

Stumbling out of the room, in the darkness, holding my top with one hand as I feel my way along the dark filled hallway stumbling, when I trip over a stool , still unable to see I decide to crawl till I see some light ahead. crawling inch by inch in the darkness finally coming to a door reaching up finding the door knob I push it open, daylight warm fresh air , birds singing, daylight, I stagger to my feet as I feel the warmth of the sun on my face! stepping outside walking a few feet. hearing the door slam shut behind me, I jump but don’t look back. I see a trail leading away not knowing where or how I got here so with one foot in front of other I begin to walk. One hand having to hold my top in place since the buttons was torn off. still in my mind I cant figure out what happened?

As I walk along the trail it finally comes up to a pond, now im dying of thirst, since been I have no idea how long since I had a drink, let alone food to eat. stopping at the waters edge, leaning down cupping some water in my hands, handful after hand full I drink. I’m so thirsty, more and more I sip from my hands. then as I sit there, the calm water returns now see myself in the waters reflection, my long hair, dirty, and a mess, my shirt tattered, with no buttons, my bra missing, I stare at the water and my reflection that seems like a eternity! thoughts running threw my head What is happened to me? where am I how did I get here!

While my thoughts are running wild, I hear the snap of branches behind me I quickly look around, but I don’t see anything, another snap to the other side of then splash, Im thrown into the water like hands from no where pushes me hard, I gasp as I hit the cool water splashing about for a few seconds till I realize I can stand up. as I stand there in the water I shiver now from the cold water and my clothes are drenched! I search around me to see who pushed me, who is doing this to me, no one is here that I can see.

Splashing my way out of the water and back onto the trail running almost in tears! scared to death! tree limbs and brush tearing my clothes as I plunge threw the forest. running for my life! finally coming into a clearing slowly walking, out of breath, clothes starting to dry but still damp, the sun full over head, so must be noon time, I’m a mess, finding a log to sit on,panting…., heart racing…., looking around… where the hell am I, screaming at the top of my lungs” is anyone out there” nothing but silence, just birds chirping.

Sitting on the log a good hour the sun dries my clothes and now warming me as well was shivering for a bit, but now toasty warm! looking around the clearing something finally catches my eye. what is that I stand, wobbly at first, and slowly walk to the other side of the clearing, find in the tall weeds what looks like a pedestal, with faint red stains on it. pushing some of the weeds away I find a partial inscription in the stone,, “be well in the walk to ” not sure of the meaning of that, suddenly the hair on the back of my neck stands up, a very very uneasy feeling comes over me, a feeling I felt just a few hours ago in the house.

I turn, searching the clearing round and round I search, my heart starting to race, grabbing my shirt with one hand as I feel so exposed,heart beating so loudly I hear it and feel it! like is wanting to leave my chest, the wind suddenly picks up blowing the weeds all swaying hard and blowing a lot of it away leaving a mostly cleared area, as I try to protect myself from the flying weeds and dirt. finally the wind dies down and as suddenly as before, the mysterious stranger was standing beside me. Picking me up without any hesitation since im so petite and tosses me onto the pedestal and as quickly as I land on my back my arms and legs are tied from vines around the clearing!

As I lay there struggling shaking scared, looking at the stranger, in his long black coat that almost drags the ground to his black shirt his leather gloves to his big black boots. squinting trying to see his face, with his long blond hair tied back in a pony tail, my mind a flurry of questions. what are you doing almost begging , please let me go! what do you want from me? but he says nothing, he is silent almost as if he is studying me, laying there my top now laying open since the buttons are gone, my breast exposed to this stranger. kicking at the restraints, tugging with my arms! the rope vines to strong for little me, the sun behind the stranger now hard to see him, he stands there for like a eternity, then he finally speaks! almost demonic sounding voice deep and strong!
he steps up closer to me as he comes closer I can make out more of his face since the sun is no longer behind him, He almost is grinning, seeing his eyes looking at me from head to my face over my breast, then down to my feet, back and forth he is looking at me, when he speaks, I finally have you, you going to be my toy! grinning, I blurt out a Nooooo, he laughs and you think little girl you going to stop me, he questions? But before I can speak up! he puts his hands on my breast massaging them, pinching the nipples, twisting, strangely I feel a little bit of arousal, how can this be? am scared and worried am I going to live or die! but my body is feeling aroused.

He reaches down unzipping my capris exposing my pink panties, he reaches in his pocket pulling out a lock back knife, quickly he opens it and carefully but without haste cuts away my capris, then with a big smile as he looks me in the face, slides the blade between my skin and the thin material of my panties and quickly cuts threw the waist band and he grabs the material and pulls it away, then he cuts away my top and tosses it away. he steps back and again enjoys my now naked body, like he is soaking in my nakedness!

He once again, grins and steps closer, he leans in kisses my lips as I try to pull away, he hisses, Lil. behave or you will regret this forever in hell. evil laugh,, no I scream wrestling against the restraints! he kisses me, locks lips no matter how hard I try to pull away. his hands now busy caressing my breast, no please I beg, no let me go, his finger pinching my nipples, pain shooting threw my breast, he continues to kiss me his tongue deep in my mouth, gasping for air! his one hand feeling it glide across my skin, my belly button then to my thigh, then he slides between my legs and pushes hard against my mound, I squirm even harder, but he has me, I am his and I cant stop him, his hand now firmly between my legs, trying as hard as I possible can I cannot keep him out, he forces one finger in, I scream nooooooooo, but he continues! my wetness coating his finger in my juices while he continues to kiss me, muffling any chances to scream more! one hand pinching and twisting my nipples, the other, now 1 finger in my pussy then he pushes a 2nd in feeling more pressure from his big fingers. I cant do anything but let out a unexpected moan, then three fingers are in me. im shaking and gasps for air, my body almost enjoying this as my mind races, thinking this is bad, my own body, confused, wanting,, accepting,, the unwanted touches, as I lay there depleted. he steps back a step admires my body once again, a evil grin on his face, looking down I see what he is grinning about, he has unzipped his leather pants and has his 10 inch cock in his hand, slowly massaging his own member, my eyes widen even more, then in the blink of a eye he is on top of me, he looks into my eyes, grins, and proceeds to push the cock deep into my pussy! I feel it sliding in, inch by inch, till he drives all of it deep into me, my hips react,, wanting to let him all the way in, wanting it deep in me, in and out in and out, he pounds into me, my little body bouncing to each thrust,, my pussy lips grabbing onto the shaft squeezing him, so confused my mind says no, but my body want him deep in me, filled with his cock, all 10 inch’s, moaning unexpectedly! I see in his face a fiery passion , he wants me filled with his seed,,the cock head sliding in and out still pounding and pounding till I shudder in a climax!, shuddering I flood my own pussy with my warm juices,, then he starts going faster and faster pounding me harder ,deeper, till finally he explodes his cock deep into me! his warm cum filling my body with sticky egg filled cum, so much cum it flows out around the cock and pussy lips,, running down my crack of my ass, panting for air,, a feeling like never before over takes me and I am to the point of passing out.

Waking up, wiping the sleep from my eyes, looking around, wait a minute this is my room, my bedroom, I push away the sheet and comforter, in my pj’s, stopping to think, oh my God was this just a dream, here I am in my room, my own bed, my own pj’s, I giggle, ok weird dream, walking into the bathroom to wake up! brushing my teeth, going potty and washing my face, staring into the mirror, talk to myself, wow what a very weird dream! walking out of the bathroom something on the floor by the bed catches my eye looking down, is my clothes I was wearing, picking them up to examine, the panties are cut, the shirt, oh my favorite shirt, the buttons are missing and is torn,, and my capri, cut into pieces…………..wasn’t this just a dream?

Telling Lies​ Naughty Nook​ Part Two

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