The Massage – For Woman Version – Part 1

The Massage – For A Women Version
08-Jun-2015 by Logan Stargazer

My Sweet, I want you to relax and put yourself in my hands. This massage is my gift to you. This is totally for you. Please sit on my lap and we will begin.

I have placed all your favorite flowers surrounding us and there is soft music playing. Near the massage table is a bottle of scented oil warming up. While it warms I will hold you and kiss you beginning with you forehead. I will cover your forehead with little kisses as I hold you in my arms. My lips kiss along your temples and around your ears taking my time to kiss the lobes and gently nibble them. Now I kiss you along your jawline and up the other side. Then my lips reach your lips.

As I kiss your lips I look into your eyes and see beauty. Your eyes are shining and this is good. I kiss your upper lip then the lower taking my time to taste your sweet mouth. As I kiss you I unbutton your blouse and gently remove it. What’s this? Your lips are parting and I can feel your tongue emerging. I will kiss the tip of your tongue so gently then use mine to play with it. Our tongues play and as I suck yours I reach back to unhook your bra, remove it and expose those lovely breasts. My hand gently cups each one as we kiss. Without breaking contact I stand up carrying you in my arms over to the massage table. I lay you on your back and reach down to open your pants. Sadly I break contact and remove your shoes and socks. Then I slide off your pants and lay them next to your other clothing. The oil is warm now and we can begin. One more kiss then I lift you gently and roll you onto your stomach.

I turn your head to the side and lovingly gather your hair together tying it into a ponytail to protect it from the oil. Pouring some warm oil onto my hands I rub them together and start at your shoulders. My hands gently massage your shoulders feeling the muscles underneath as they work. As I massage I kiss the back of your neck and gently nibble it. My hands work their way down each arm gently but firmly rubbing and caressing. When I get to your hands I rub each finger then kiss them. I kiss the palm of your hand right in the center then work my way back up. Now I start down your back.

Taking more oil I rub down your spine. As I rub in the oil I kiss along your spine and lick it. Sweet little licks tasting your skin. My hands carress along your side now. I work my way down to the small of your back kissing and licking my way along until I get to your curvy sexy bottom.

I pour oil on  my hands and start massaging that sexy bottom. I rub in the oil and as I do my hands rub that bottom all over until it’ covered well. Then with a small smile I run my oil covered fingers along the inner sides of your lower cheeks and using one finger I gently tenderly start massaging your pretty rosebud. My fingertip runs around it and across it playing and teasing. I lean over and start licking your bottom with long licks working my way all over it.
Then gently parting your cheeks I lick your pretty rosebud too. I whisper “not yet but soon” and continue down your thighs.

My hands caress and stroke your thighs kneading the muscles. They rub the back of your calves and….what, My Dear? Why are you moaning? Is something wrong? I see. Very well, Lovely Treasure. I know what you want. It will be my pleasure.

End of Part One

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