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House Stormborn is a free site provided by Gaia Foundation. We’re located inworld on Atlantis in the Great Canadian Grid. We provide articles & tutorials on living in virtual worlds.

1. Our members come from all over the world & each is unique & special. Because of this, we don’t censor our site. What this means for you is that you may find content that is of an adult nature or that you may find objectionable. If you are either not a legal adult in your country of origin or are easily offended, please don’t join us.

2. We do, however, censor the comments of visitors if we find them to be out of line with our principles of positive support & cooperation. Keep comments positive: all critiques must be given with a spirit of helping to improve, not to hurt or put down our writers & other commenters. If you do abuse our writers or visitors, we will ban you mercilessly.

3. Everything here is free & we offer it in the spirit of good will. If you don’t like what we have to offer or you want more, feel free to make suggestions & we’ll see what we can do. We don’t, however, owe anyone anything so if you are one to criticize not getting it your way, please find another site to peruse or, better yet, create your own site.

4. Any & all writing & images found on this site are protected by copyright. To use any content herein, please get our permission in writing. Otherwise, you can expect geeky sorts of trouble from the wickedly wise owners of this site.

5. We reserve the right to add oodles & gobs of rules & terms at any time.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy our site & find lots of great inspiration & knowledge to make your own creations more fantastical!

Thank you,
Remona Stormborn

Remona Stormborn

Co-Owner of Gaia Foundation in the Great Canadian Grid. Owner of the Builders Resource Center, Rose City Design, & IDEA! in the Great Canadian Grid & InWorldz.

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