A Few Useful WordPress Tags

When writing long posts you can tell WordPress where to paginate or end a summary. It’s easy with these two tags.

To paginate, or break up your post into pages, each of which will have page numbering at the bottom for naivigating to the next page or whatever page is wanted just type this tag at the end of each ‘page’. There’s not need to divide your post up into separate posts. The tag will indicate to WordPress how to break up the long post for you.


I have the blog set to show full posts so a long post would be rather messy on the blog roll/front page. You can tell Worldpress where to end it’s front page summary. It’s a great way to give a little tease and get readers to open the blog post where they can then add comments at the end, add a ‘Like’ or share your page with others on their favorite social networking site. Just type this tag where you want the front page summary to end.


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