Create A Photo Carousel or Slideshow

Shortcode is use to place an image on your page where you want it. The shortcode will be created for you with the Media manager’s gallery feature.

To get this gallery on the page, I type this wordpress shortcode on the page where I want the photo slideshow to appear:

You can get your own code easily. Just follow these simple steps:

7 Create a Photo Slideshow

8 Media Window

9 Create Gallery & Upload Files

10 Select Images

11 Edit & Caption

12 Gallery Settings

13 Code Inserted Inot Page

14 Edit Captions Later


Slideshow captions are taken from each image’s “Caption” field. Upload and use unique versions of any images that are reused elsewhere on your site with different captions.

Slideshows perform best if images are sized to desired slideshow width / container. In our case, 400-600 pixels works best.

15 Saliloquy

That’s what I used to make the sliders on the front page of this site. It’s easy to figure out and has a lot more options to play with. =D~`

Go ahead, give it a try!

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