You can use simple html code to create headings for page titles & subtitles. It’s easy:

Heading Size 1

<h1>Heading Size 1</h1>

Heading Size 2

<h2>Heading Size 2</h2>

Heading Size 3

<h3>Heading Size 3</h3>

Heading Size 4

<h4>Heading Size 4</h4>

Heading Size 5

<h5>Heading Size 5</h5>

Heading Size 6

<h6>Heading Size 6</h6>

Notes & Tips

Be sure to close your tag with the corresponding </h1>, </h2>, </h3>, </h4>, </h5>, or </h6> tag or all text after your heading will also be affected. It does need to contain the / to work! When using the buttons at the top of the editor to add bold, italic, & other text formatting, double check that the codes used open and close properly. The editor tends to be a little bit buggy…..

Typically, on this site, I’ve been using <h3>Page Title</h3> for the main page title and <h4>Subtitles</h4> for subtitles.

Writing & coding your own page title gives you more control over you pages’ layouts. If you do write and code your own page title, be sure to scroll down and, in the Page Settings section, tick ‘Disable Page Title’ to keep wordpress from automatically inserting a heading.

Go ahead, give it a try!

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