Uploading Mesh, LoD, & Land Impact

Loki – Digital Mischief Maker has a series of three tutorials on uploading mesh, land impact, and level of detail. They’re the best non-technical full explanations of everything you need to know to create and upload quality low impact mesh objects. Regardless of what program you use to create your mesh, this tutorial is a MUST READ for all new mesh creators. I cannot emphasize enough, that these key areas should be understood if you want to create and upload quality mesh items and Loki explains it in an easy to understand interesting way. It’s written with SL in mind but, regardless of your world, low impact is important – not just for prim count but for better server performance, better physics interaction, and to lower the number of items being drawn for your visitors who may have bad connections or not so great graphic processors.

Making a Mesh: Uploading to #SL

The Theory of LOD

The Secrets of Mesh Landimpact

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