So I have done my viewers research and specifically for the open sims one. Currently I am using a Singularity one for us Mac users. Firestorm was great but started to crash too much, IWs a no + it blocks music for some odd reason after I did all i could to fix it.  I never could watch TVs or movies with inworldz on any viewer in general but had no problems when I was in sl. also, I was able to upload but then it started to crash me every time I tried to upload anything…even now when I tried to make mesh with a prim through collada or whatever its spelling. Once I get my Mac back I will look for a new viewer or reinstall singularities Mac friendly viewer. until then any tips/help? i have only met one other person on iw who uses a Mac.



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  1. One suggestion I’d make. If you have a viewer that’s working fine, copy the preference settings and use the same in the other viewers. In particular, the graphics and network settings. The layout may be a little different from viewer to viewer and a few items not offered in all but, for the most part, you’ll have the same settings available. Also, the IW and FS backup settings are interchangable… can backup with one viewer then restore with the other. Handy quick way to get settings set up the same for those two viewers.

  2. Hmm, I’m a Mac user. Were you talking about me?

    I use the IW Release Candidate most of the time and Singularity (which lets me make bigger prims and one time got around some other problem) occasionally. I don’t watch media much on IW. I haven’t had any problem with uploads, don’t crash a lot and don’t really know what the patterns are when I do.

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