Virtual World Blogs, News, & More Reading

Your comprehensive list to fulfill the most voracious of online reading appetites!

InWorldz Official Blog

InWorldz DeviantArt Group

InWorldz Community News

InWorldz Community Rag

Virtual Art & Lifestyles

Jim Tarber’s (IW Developer) Blogs: Jim’s Rants & Raves & Grid Monkeyz

Hypergrid Business

Inworldz Community Rag on Blogspot

Inworldz Community Rag on WordPress

InWorldz Art

Metaverse Library: The Community Library in InWorldz


Relay For Life InWorldz

Inworldz Immersion

oYo Breedables: Virtual Breedables: Horses, Cats and Dodos

InThemez Monthly Market, InWorldz: Themed Monthly Market hosted on Dolphin Isle, Inworldz

InWorldz Fun: Picks, tricks and fun from virtual world InWorldz (a curation rather than a blog)

Rig’s Photos: Virtual Worlds Digital Art

A Little Shake of Everything

New York Modeling Agency

Martina’s Modeling Journey

Atomic Cherry

MMP and Dunvalos Reach Stores: Inworldz building and writing

Living InWorldz: Two Virtual Girls Exploring and Sharing their Virtual World

My Virtual Worlds

Charlesworth Estates

Moontan Valeeva: This and that, whatever comes in mind

Malice Riot

Wind River Homes & Teal’s Garden

Gallery Freenote

Teal’s Tiny Shoppe

IZIF: Inworldz in Fashion

Absolute Mad Bratz: For all your Inworldz needs

Becky’s Constitutionals (a.k.a. Ramblings)

VirtualPeers: Explorations and Life in Virtual Worlds

If it ain’t Baroque don’t read it: Anythingthat comes out of my very small mind

Eros Deus: The Love Below

Animating Your Virtual Life: Adventures in Animation creation in Virtual Worlds

Angelico Diabolik In Virtual Worlds

du Gothique: an Inworldz group for residents with a darker aesthetic

Mimi’s Choice InWorlds

heavenly this n that: A little of this and that

Build Your World: Providing high-quality product’s

AAcme City Adventures: AAcme City residents & shop keepers struggling to survive in a steampunk environment

Phantom Rose Blog: Virtual Worlds: Second Life and Inworldz

Paparazzi: Skins & fashion for the a-list crowd

My Lolita Shop: Virtual Fashion with Sugar & Spice

Graeme Smith: Writing the bright fantastic (a writing blog) & Graeme’s fantasy books

Second Life Freeness Huntress: Hunting for the best freebies, group gifts, lucky chairs and hunt items

Ele’s Little World

Bâtisseurs, explorateurs


Daniel Voyager

Eternal Sunshine of the Metaverse

Honour McMillan

InSight Designs


Jim Tarber

Living InWorldz

Metaverse Library

Miso Susanowa

Soror Nishi

Strawberry Singh

Whiskey Monday

Wizard Gynoid

Rose Petal Creations


In Between Worldz

Sim Traveler

Elf Clan Social Network

More or less Kranfel

Random Rosie

Whiskey Shots

The Virtual Ramblings of a Fanciful Muse Blogspot or Live Journal

Virtually Content


Valentin Portland

Telling: Like it Is

Bradd Laval 3D Ventures

Johnny’s Spot

No Where Now Here

Mira Karu in Virual Worlds

Deson’s Curiosity Shop

Prim Spinner

Grid Builders

Constanza: My Inworldz life

Lady S: Thoughts of randomness, foolery & solemness in, out & around virtual worlds

A Virtual Journey
Note: Invited readers only

The Mighty Magpie

My Alt My Everything

True Blue Textures

{Absurdly Newfangled Designs}

Muse Estates

GJCR Virtual Outlet

Raglan Shire

Nation of Victoriana

Four Winds

Heavenly Bodies Shapes and Tattoos


Discount Textures Company

Worlds of Bebelou Naidoo

Atea Avatars

Gallery Freenote

JariCat Fashions

Gurly6 Inworldz

Treasured Cove

Khan Omizu: Bringing 3D Worlds to Life

Bellissima Square in InWorldz

Home Designer & Virtual 3d Builder

Whiskey Shots

Logan’s Lab

The virtual world of Us



Raglan Shire

Nation of Victoriana

Hangin’ with Scarlot

GJCR’s Outlet

Heavenly Bodies


The Eternal Sunshine of the Metaverse


Dance Glimmer

Ele’s Little World

Figgy Bumble

Johnny’s Spot

Marie on Second life & Inworldz!

Misty is Forever lost

Out of World

Prim Spinner

Random Rosie

Talon Faire Fashions & Decor

The Chic Chronicles

The Life of Kate Fiorell

The Mighty Magpie

Undomesticad Goddess

Wither Wander You

Zero to Wonderland: Tormie Baarer and her alter egos take on the metaverse.

?Stellar by Lexi Morgan?

Whiskey Shots


Deson’s Curiosity Shop

Exploring Magellan

Review article: an even handed review between Second Life and InWorldz

Thornes on Roses

I am an Aries (Zodiac)

Quadrapop Tree Gallery, Inworldz

Thanks Google Plus

.:[ Fashion Destiny ]:.

Pirate Rummage and Albannach at Wheatcliffe!

The virtual worlds: Adventures and explorations in virtual worlds

Fashion Destiny

Deson’s Curiosity Shop

Grid Builders: Building the metaverse, one grid at a time

Cyriious eclectic miscellany

Through Time And Space

Ravin Draconia’s HeadSpace

Natales’ Things and Stuff

Inara Pey – Living in a Modemworld

The Virtual World Technologist

Voices of VR Podcast

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