What is Virtual Reality?

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A lot of people I meet who hear I am into virtual reality ask me what it is. They want to know what it’s all about and what it’s like – what do I do there? Here’s my answer. It’s all this and so much more – the possibilities are as infinite as the human imagination….

Virtual reality is the future of the internet, computing, social networking, and a tool for doctors, therapists, scientists, and other proessionals and is used for many purposes from helping patients recover to training soldiers to teaching students. It’s also used for playing games and interacting with people all over the world from your computer.

What I’ll be telling you about today is a virtual world. There are many virtual reality worlds online. Second Life, Inworldz, OSGrid & many other OpenSim Grids, Great Canadian Grid, IMVU, The Adult Grid, World of Warcraft, Blue Mars, There, ReactionGrid, Kaneva, Twinity, Active Worlds, Utherverse, NuVera, OnVerse, Empire of Sports, the list goes on. I’ve added my recommendations for starting out at the end of this article.

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