Why can’t people emote?

What ever happened to emoting? Can’t people do it? Since there is no need to get raunchy I will subsitute food for what I really mean.

Proper Emoting:
Holding the sandwich in my hands I look at it and smile happily. This is a most beautiful sandwich and I want to savor it. The aroma of the bacon makes my mouth water and I want to eat it so badly but I must go slowly so as not to ruin the meal. The way the tomato is arranged makes my heart pound with excitement. Using my tongue I take a tiny lick of the tomato juice and moan with happiness. If the juice is this good imagine what a joy the actual sandwich will be! Gently taking a bite I hold the food in my mouth a bit and just revel in the amazing texture and temperature of the meal. It is just right. I lift up the top piece of bread and take a gentle nibble from a piece of the bacon. My lips travel across it and I can feel the indescribable texture and warmth of it. My hands caress the plate with gentle strokes and my fingertips traces patterns on it. With a small cry of pleasure I start to eat the sandwich paying special attention to the edges of the lettice leaves.

[ about 45 minutes later]

The last crumbs are gone and I have licked the plate clean. This was a most amazing sandwich and possibly the best I have ever had. I will just continue to hold the plate tightly for a while and bask in the memory of a most excellent meal.

Instead you get:
I am eating the sandwich.
[pause of 15 minutes]
It tastes good.
[pause of 30 minutes]
I burped.

If you can’t emote then don’t eat!

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