I believe content creators work and grow best in a community of like minded people. However, the very nature of our passion often leads us to working in isolation. When creating we go into the ‘zone’, deeply tuned into our projects. People who don’t share our joy of creating often don’t get it. Additionally, many of us are also introverts with little patience for the time required for socializing.

And yet, what we create, we want to share. What’s the worth of art if it’s never seen and enjoyed? And how do we grow without other creators to bounce our ideas around with or to learn from or to work with when contemplating a creation bigger than ourselves and our own knowledge?

Stormborn Creative Collective is a community of creators who network, support each other, collaborate and share ideas; friends who can understand and respect how you work, what you do and why you do it. Stormborn Creative collective is a place where you can live and work with people like yourself and share a vision of a virtual world of the imagination.

Remona Stormborn

Co-Owner of Gaia Foundation in the Great Canadian Grid. Owner of the Builders Resource Center, Rose City Design, & IDEA! in the Great Canadian Grid & InWorldz.

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