As a writer, I’m addicted to words. Like a clothing designer friend of mine was addicted to textiles. She was driven to design by the very beauty of the textiles she would hunt down like a tigress, fierce with the desire to change her stripes again and again.

I write to use the words I find and fall in love with. My favorite words are those that sound like what they mean. I ponder whether they come to sound like what they mean because we learn, through their use, over time, to associate the sound of words to their meaning. Or if we create so many words because they just sound right. Or is it purely accidental? A coincidence of pattern. Or my mind’s need to seek patterns, create patterns in the world around me? Whatever the reason, I don’t want to know the answer. It’s the pondering, the process of thinking about words that I love.

Today I was thinking about creativity, of art, of the words that we use to describe creation and art. I love art but I hate, hate, hate the word ‘art.’ I think that’s why I am reluctant to call myself an artist. Ugh, what writer wants to be such an ugly word? It’s so hard, inflexible. It comes and goes too fast. It’s a big red splot on a white canvas with no magic, no beauty, no expression worthy of it’s meaning.

But, create. That’s a word that I love, love, love and adore. It sounds just like what it means. A word of extremes and joy. Of celebration and expression. It plays with the tongue and the mind.

It begins with a hard bang, bang, bang – hammering and building – k k k, k k k! A strong masculine sound that’s then entwined seductively with it’s counterpart – it’s opposite – a rhythmic sing-song feminine sound – rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrolling. Krrrrrrrrrrrr hug and spin together in a dance – teetering and balancing. Then it cries out in a happy voice – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Surprised, excited! Now jumping even higher and hollering now with that long ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’!

A crescendo of sound, peaking at the very last moment then, satisfied, falling into a quiet, thoughtful finale – t. Arms spread as it spins, rises, and now widens it’s arms and bows for the audience. A word that guides you, pulls you, pushes you, plays with you, through the magical process of making, building, creating!




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